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That Was My Jam: Scott Beaver

That Was My Jam: Scott Beaver

Kevin Vera, Managing Editor

September 18, 2020

Every week, The Lancer Feed will feature one Lafayette staff member and present a playlist made up of some of their favorite musical memories from high school. Scott Beaver, Business Department What song did you listen to when you needed cheering up when you were younger? Turn Off The Lights by Nelly Furtado What song(s) always made you dance in high ...

After celebrating 50th anniversary, St. Louis Children’s Zoo set to close in October

Junior Abby Reitz made her initial memories at the St. Louis Zoo as a young child. In high school, she has spent her time there as part of a volunteer program. In late October, the Emerson Children's Zoo is closing permanently.

Sophia Scheller, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many economic struggles for small businesses and families alike, and while the St. Louis Zoo is taxpayer funded, they recently decided to close the Children's Zoo for good.  In a statement, St. Louis Zoo president and CEO Jefferey Bonner said, “It was a hear...

That Was My Jam: Emily Benner

That Was My Jam: Emily Benner

Kevin Vera, Managing Editor

September 11, 2020

Every week, The Lancer Feed will feature one Lafayette staff member and present a playlist made up of some of their favorite musical memories from high school. Emily Benner, Fine Arts Department What is a song that reminds you of a special moment from high school? I went to the Kenny...

That Was My Jam: Scott Holtmann

That Was My Jam: Scott Holtmann

Kevin Vera, Managing Editor

September 4, 2020

Every week, The Lancer Feed will feature one Lafayette staff member and present a playlist made up of some of their favorite musical memories from high school. Scott Holtmann, Science Department   What is your all-time favorite song and why? Walk by Foo Fighters. The message is ins...

For technical difficulties: 10 resources to help fix most Canvas and Zoom problems

During the material pickup day at LHS, librarian Nicole Ballard-Long assists senior Brenna Arakelian by figuring out what books she needs for the school year.

Caoimhe Farris, Staff Reporter

September 3, 2020

With the new school year starting online, issues with student's technology have ranged from Zoom crashing, Canvas “locking students out” and parents being unable to view student work. There are, however, many resources to help out. Here are 10 resources to help resolve some serious tech problems.  ...

Out and About: Top five local parks to visit in Wildwood area

Babler State Park is one of many in the area that offers trails to hike that  vary in distance and length.

Laura Barratt, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2020

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, several countries have urged the public to practice social distancing- remaining 6-10ft away from those apart from immediate family.  While partaking in social distancing, it has led to the closure of several restaurants and stores across the countr...

Nemnich sibling relationships grow while in quarantine

Pictured, left to right, is Megan, Molly, Jenna and Adian Nemnich in Beaver Creek Colorado.

Hannah Fitts, Assistant Editor

May 4, 2020

Brothers and sisters stuck in quarantine together are doing their best to get along and find new ways to spend time together. For the Nemnich siblings, sophomore Molly, senior Megan, 8th grader Adian and 5th grader Jenna Nemnich, this consists of pulling pranks on each other and watching funny videos...

Free online resources for when you are stuck at home

One of many free services offered online during this time is free live-streaming webcams of a variety of places. One of these webcams is a feed of Goat Milk Stuff's goat pen.

Chloe Baker, Web Editor

April 23, 2020

In light of the stay at home order that went into effect on March 23, many Lafayette students are stuck at home. In light of this, we have compiled a list of free online resources to help pass the time. If you are looking for some entertainment, The Metropolitan Opera, located in New York, is hostin...

100 things to do while you’re bored at home

With Missouri’s stay-at-home order being extended to May, people may be running out of things to do in their homes, which can result in many trying out some new things during their free time.

Makayla Archambeault, Editor-in-Chief

April 21, 2020

As Missouri’s stay-at-home order is extending until at least May, many are finding it hard to keep themselves occupied while staying home all day. If this is the case for you, here’s a list of 100 things to do at home to occupy your time. Finish your homework Plan a vacation for after quarantine...

Last Time I… choreographed a winning routine

Last Time I... choreographed a winning routine

Aliyah Studt, Staff Reporter

April 21, 2020

Not many people can call themselves a top Missouri dance team soloist and even less can achieve this status with their own choreography. However, this is the case for sophomore Ainsley Moses, who recently won first sophomore solo at State with Varsity Escadrille. The dance team competed at State in Kansas City ...

Students find ways to stay entertained among family, friends during quarantine

Sophomore Peter Schaper and his family perform

Sophia Wasson and Makayla Archambeault

April 20, 2020

Some students at Lafayette have found it difficult to see the good that is also going on in the world despite all the negative effects the outbreak of COVID-19 has had on the country. Nonetheless, many students have found creative ways to stay in touch with their friends and family. Students have cre...

Five Questions with Nick Hess

On February 22, Nick Hess had his last game of the season at the Affton Ice Rink, facing the Meramec Sharks.

Juli Mejia, Staff Reporter

April 20, 2020

Nick Hess is a freshman at Lafayette. His dad, Bob Hess, was in the National Hockey League (NHL). He was a member of the St. Louis Blues from 1974-1985. Like his dad, Nick hopes to be part of the NHL one day. How old were you when you first started playing hockey and why did you start? I was probabl...

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