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Lafayette High School news. Student-run.

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On the first snow day of the school year, freshman Giancarlo Fernandez spends his day building a snowman in his neighborhood. Rockwood has announced two snow days in the school year because of inclement weather. Phil the groundhog then predicted six more weeks of winter on Feb. 2.

Throwback Thursday: Phil the groundhog predicts six more weeks

Adwyta Chelikavada, Reporter February 2, 2023

Following the second snow day for the Rockwood School District, the infamous Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow after coming out of his burrow on Feb. 2, indicating six more...

Mochi Donut Factory opened on Sept. 12, 2022, and began selling their treats.  Flavors featured include rocky road, churro, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and hazelnut.

Out and About: Mochi Donut Factory brings unique treats to the community

Juli Mejia, Editor In Chief January 30, 2023

At only an 8-minute drive from Lafayette next to Silkys, a new donut shop opened with a fun twist to its sweets; they are half-donut, half-mochi. Mochi, a common dessert in Japanese culture, is made from...

According to, in the 1950s, when the Girl Scout Cookies began to rise in popularity, there were three different varieties of cookies to choose from: A shortbread cookie, a sandwich cookie and the infamous Thin Mints cookie. The shortbread and sandwich cookies were originally just available in chocolate and vanilla, however, the flavors evolved and by the 1970s, their standard cookies became Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Trefoils and Samoas which are still around today.

Girl Scout Cookie sales beginning Jan. 7

Nola Jancich, Co Social Media Editor January 4, 2023

After starting in 1917, the annual release of Girl Scout Cookies will be continuing again on Jan. 7. This year, there will be a total of 10 cookies, nine returning and one new cookie. The cookies consist...

Senior Kyle Dean plays his solo during a performance with the Tuesday Night Rock Band at the Coffee House music event at Lafayette.  Dean has been playing the guitar for four and a half years.

Students inducted into new all-state music group

Annie Leath, Staff Reporter January 4, 2023

The Collective, a competitive all-state music writing group, has accepted three students from Rockwood. Seniors Micah Bounds and Kyle Dean made the Collective. “[The Collective is] an all-state ensemble...

Junior Taylor Lefkowitz lights the third candle in her Menorah. Menorahs held nine candles, and each night, during Hanukkah, a new candle got lit.

Lancers celebrate more than Christmas in December

Mateo LaMar, Staff Reporter December 23, 2022

During the winter season, stores begin to put together their holiday displays and TV programs play holiday movies on air. While the main focus of the season is on Christmas, there are other holidays celebrated...

Freshman Emi Limon competes in the 2022 World Kickboxing and Karate Union Championship in Wales. Even though Limon has only been doing karate for three years, he won four medals at the October competition— a gold medals in Weapons with Music and Korean Forms, a silver medal in Hardstyle Forms and a bronze medal in Weapons with no Music.

Kicking the competition

Sonya Sud, Assistant Editor in Chief December 15, 2022

It all started in Sept. 2019, when freshman Emi Limon decided to try out karate. Three years later, he is now a champion martial artist with four medals in world competitions. In May 2022, Emi was...

During Economics and Personal Finance, juniors Hudson Kohler and Ella Manning research stocks as part of a stock market simulation project. For the project, they had to follow a $10,000 budget while teacher Vince DeBlasi gave them advice on what types of stocks to invest in to achieve the highest possible capital gains. The class is designed to help students learn saving and investing strategies and meets the .5 personal finance credit necessary to graduate through the required Missouri Personal Finance Assessment taken during the course.

More bang for the buck

Daniel Carrillo, Reporter December 14, 2022

Learning to manage money is something students like senior Cameron Eltoft have an appreciation for. “As a kid, when you don’t spend much, you think about where you want your money to go, what you...

The Fermions team participates in a STEM night outreach event at Eureka Elementary School. During the STEM night, members taught the elementary school kids how their robot works and the kids learned how to drive it.

Robotics Club adds third team

Sonya Sud, Assistant Editor in Chief December 9, 2022

This year, a third team has been added to accommodate increased interest in Lafayette's Robotics Club, with about 38 members. The three teams are the Fermions, with team captain sophomore Akhil Rajan,...

SMSgt. Matt Zahradka experiences the beauties of the country during his deployment in Bagram, Afghanistan in 2009. The country was beautiful and its an experience that I am so glad I got a chance to do, Zahradka said.

SMSgt. Matt Zahradka reflects on time deployed overseas in Afghanistan, past Veterans Days

Annie Leath, Staff Reporter November 18, 2022

“We landed in Baltimore, Maryland, and we were going through customs. The customs agent waved us through, smiled and just said 'welcome home.' I knew I was back in the United States, and it has always...

Wrapped in the Ukrainian flag, freshman Leeza Nozdrachova holds plants and flowers for Ivana Kupala, a Slavic holiday celebrating the summer solstice.

Trading home for safety

Eshwar Murali, Digital Content Editor November 7, 2022

“On Feb. 23, everything was fine. But on Feb. 24, at 5 a.m., I woke up and my mother and sister ran into my room. They said that the war had begun. From that moment, I began to shake terribly and cry....

As seen in the Image, some Lancers tell the unique stories and meanings behind their names.

What’s In a Name?

Juli Mejia and Nola Jancich November 4, 2022

Though a name might not seem much at first, names can ultimately reveal cultural and family connections of a person. For some, a name can help connect ones identity and individuality and can start conversations....

Senior Alison Hunt uses her skills to make balloon art like mermaids and other animals. Hunt stumbled on the opportunity to make balloon art on accident when she worked as a lifeguard.

A new twist on a teenage career

Mateo LaMar, Staff Reporter October 27, 2022

Once a Lifeguard, now a magician’s apprentice, senior Alison Hunt works as a balloon artist for parties and events in St. Louis with her boss, Leland Delgado, and his cotton-tailed assistant, Whiskers.   “I...

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