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Lafayette High School news. Student-run.

The Lancer Feed

Lafayette High School news. Student-run.

The Lancer Feed

In 2020, Hudak travels to Colorado to take professional photos to add to her portfolio for auditions for ballet companies.

Broken At The Barre

Janka Gerber, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

Ballet is one big juxtaposition. It is both a beautiful and a grueling sport that asks to fight with every muscle, and to balance just right on a block of wood no more than two inches wide just to appear...

In 2019, Class of 2021 Lafayette grad Preston Kellenberger spent hours on hours performing with a percussion group, the Colt Cadets.

Take It From Me: Preston Kellenberger

Molly Brim, Asst. Sports Editor May 11, 2022

Throughout high school, Class of 2021 alumni Preston Kellenberger had some ups and downs, but he learned some valuable life lessons along the way. Kellenberger first experienced the desire to play music...

A basic cherry snow cone from Murrays. A small snow cone costs $3 whereas a monster snow cone costs $6.

Out and About: Murray’s Shaved Ice

Cece Beckmann, Co-News Editor May 6, 2022

When I was a kid, it was typical to hear me and my siblings begging to go to the nearby snow cone shack throughout various times of the summer to my mother. So, we would get the stroller out, put my younger...

Language arts teacher Tracy Gladden teaches students yoga during the second mod of AcLab. She uses yoga to help students learn methods for coping with stress.

Deep Breaths

Blake Jaycox, Staff Reporter April 22, 2022

Whether it's practicing breathing exercises or stretching various parts of the body through poses like Warrior I or Downward Dog, the art of yoga is becoming an increasingly more common way to combat stress...

To promote their business, Airbnb owners Class of 2013 graduate Brian McKanna (right) and his wife Kat McKanna (left) pose for promotional photos. Taken on March 11, these photos featured the remodeled kitchen and other parts of the STL Brick House Airbnb.

Airbnbs channel entrepreneurial dreams

Samantha Haney, Asst. Opinions Editor April 18, 2022

Class of 2013 graduate Brian McKanna was able to follow his entrepreneurial dreams and find numerous ways to channel his passions. He started out with a business repairing arcade machines. When he was...

Environmentalistic is a new store at the St. Louis Premium Outlets. According to their website, their mission is to preserve the natural wonders and stunning beauty of the Planet Earth, [and] to become major contributors to environmental awareness. One of their mottos for the store is The Earth is in our hands.

‘The Earth is in our hands’

Juli Mejia and Nola Jancich April 8, 2022

A scene of rugged mountains and twisting trees form the background of every corner, a cold breeze brushes the tip of the moose’s nose and the fur of the grizzly's tail, and a sight inexplicably American....

While at The Last Kitchen, Evy Swoboda, Class of 2010, prepares vegetables for an upcoming meal. At The Last Kitchen, Swoboda was involved with the process of building it at the very start. I got to build three kitchens there, I picked out all the equipment, designed the menus, hired the staff and all those good things, she said.

Turning the tables

Morgan Vehige, Features Editor April 7, 2022

“I’ve always liked to cook at home, and I knew I wanted to be a chef. I am happy to learn by doing things. I found out that I was really good at multitasking, being on my feet and managing a team....

Translation: Ramadan The Islamic holiday Ramadan began on April 2 at sundown and will conclude May 7 with Eid al-Fitr. Those celebrating the holiday usually say an extra prayer at night, called taraweeh.

Muslim students celebrate Ramadan

Devan Ellison, Staff Reporter April 5, 2022

Ramadan is an Islamic holiday that takes place each year to celebrate the month the Prophet Muhammad was granted the Qur’an, Islam’s holy text. This text was given to the Prophet Muhammad by God “as...

Despite not having an official language, the majority of households in the United States speak English. However, in the 2020 Census, it was reported that around 21.5% of Americans speak another language at home other than English.

Crossing the Language Barrier

Molly Brim, Asst. Sports Editor April 1, 2022

Language is often one of the most important aspects of culture. As time goes on, the primary language sets a structure of tradition and diverse ideas to be passed on through generations. While the United...

Chelikavada performs her Bollywood Dance style at an outdoor showing. While Chelikavada has been dancing since she was introduced to Bollywood as a little girl, she desires to bring a similar passion  and knowledge about Indian culture to Lafayette in the form of the new dance team.

Made In Bollywood

Devan Ellison, Staff Reporter March 28, 2022

The cultures of India and America are fusing together through Bollywood dancing, a type of dance that combines the traditional Bollywood style with modern-day hip-hop and jazz styles. This style was first...

Class of 2021 graduate Sophie Yereshchenko stands with her family at a rally in St. Charles on March 5, 2022 in support of their family and friends in Ukraine. Fox News and NBC were there and they asked us for interviews and I think it was just too emotional. We couldn’t get through really any conversation without crying and we were all so worried and continue to worry about the safety of our friends and family. I’m more sad than I was when I declined the [Fox News and NBC]  interviews but I’m really angry. I’m angry that this is happening and I’m at a point where I’ll do anything to make it better. I think part of that is just speaking up and making everyone around the world aware of what’s going on, asking our government to be doing a little bit more, Yereshchenko said.

‘I want as much peace as possible, I want to save as many lives as possible, I want Ukraine to remain intact’

Makayla Archambeault, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2022

The morning of Feb. 24, 2022, Class of 2021 graduate Sophie Yereshchenko woke up to a text from her mom: “The war started”. “I called her as soon as I saw her text. She said there were bombings...

Jonathan Ebenezer, Class of 2019, is a student at Cornell University. Ebenezer pursues a major in Biology and minors in biomedical engineering and archaeology. Despite graduating from Lafayette three years ago, hes glad for his involvement and recommends that seniors do the same.

Take it From Me: Jonathan Ebenezer

Eshwar Murali, Staff Reporter March 7, 2022

“Don’t get caught up on the small things,” Jonathan Ebenezer, Class of 2019, said. Ebenezer is now a student at Cornell University where he is majoring in biology and minoring in biomedical engineering...

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