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Lafayette High School news. Student-run.

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Happy mind = happy life

Happy mind = happy life

Annie Leath and Sonya Sud September 23, 2022

More effort is being placed not only on making a variety of resources available for dealing with mental health concerns, but also for getting people to use those resources. “Every student at Lafayette...

A new Build-A-Bear location in Chesterfield advertises party rooms. The location offers more changes, with the party rooms being just one of them.

Out and About: Build-A-Bear Adventure offers update to traditional shops

Mateo LaMar, Staff Reporter September 9, 2022

Though students are certainly familiar with the old Build-A-Bear shop and brand, there is now an update to the traditional stuffed animal creation stores. The first of the new Build-A-Bear Adventure...

Over the summer, the Undefined teams prepared for the school year practicing some skits. Undefined has added a JV team for the first time in its history.

Redefining Undefined

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor September 8, 2022

During its time at Lafayette, Undefined has only had one team. But for the 2022-2023 year, the team has been split into two groups — a junior varsity and varsity squad. Each team will have its own captains. Varsity...

As Link Crew and LHS staff members applaud, freshmen walk into the gym to begin freshmen orientation. Assistant Principal Colleen Fields said the shift from middle school to high school can be challenging for some freshmen, but they should still try to be gentle with themselves.  Youre gonna make a lot of mistakes. Youre gonna learn a lot of new things and sometimes youre gonna feel overwhelmed,” Fields said.

Upperclassmen offer advice to Class of 2026

Eshwar Murali, Co Web Editor August 25, 2022

As the first week of the 2022-2023 school year continues, the Freshman Class has become acquainted with their new school and classes. Even so, Assistant Principal Colleen Fields said students might be...

Patrons search through a sea of plants in Maypop’s greenhouse

Out and About: Maypop Coffee and Garden Shop

Janka Gerber May 30, 2022

In May of 2018, Webster Groves gained a colorful and lively addition to its streets. Located on Marshall Avenue, the Maypop Coffee and Garden shop is a space where coffee, pastries, plants and excellent...

Found in the Whole Life isle of Dierbergs, SlimFast Nutrition Shakes claim to reduce calorie intake in a delicious way. Nutritionist Josh Axe said SlimFast Shakes arent actually beneficial for the body. Essentially, you could take a big glass of water, dump sugar in it, add a few drops of milk chunk in some cocoa powder and you have a drink very similar to SlimFast, Axe said.

Diets cause detrimental effects on body, nutritionists explain dangers

Nola Jancich, Co Social Media Editor May 23, 2022

It is almost that time of year again— summer. The time when people begin hitting the tanning booths, going to the gym, and dieting in hopes of acquiring their dream body. As reported by the National...

In 2020, Hudak travels to Colorado to take professional photos to add to her portfolio for auditions for ballet companies.

Broken At The Barre

Janka Gerber May 13, 2022

Ballet is one big juxtaposition. It is both a beautiful and a grueling sport that asks to fight with every muscle, and to balance just right on a block of wood no more than two inches wide just to appear...

In 2019, Class of 2021 Lafayette grad Preston Kellenberger spent hours on hours performing with a percussion group, the Colt Cadets.

Take It From Me: Preston Kellenberger

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor May 11, 2022

Throughout high school, Class of 2021 alumni Preston Kellenberger had some ups and downs, but he learned some valuable life lessons along the way. Kellenberger first experienced the desire to play music...

A basic cherry snow cone from Murrays. A small snow cone costs $3 whereas a monster snow cone costs $6.

Out and About: Murray’s Shaved Ice

Cece Beckmann, Co-News Editor May 6, 2022

When I was a kid, it was typical to hear me and my siblings begging to go to the nearby snow cone shack throughout various times of the summer to my mother. So, we would get the stroller out, put my younger...

Language arts teacher Tracy Gladden teaches students yoga during the second mod of AcLab. She uses yoga to help students learn methods for coping with stress.

Deep Breaths

Blake Jaycox, Staff Reporter April 22, 2022

Whether it's practicing breathing exercises or stretching various parts of the body through poses like Warrior I or Downward Dog, the art of yoga is becoming an increasingly more common way to combat stress...

To promote their business, Airbnb owners Class of 2013 graduate Brian McKanna (right) and his wife Kat McKanna (left) pose for promotional photos. Taken on March 11, these photos featured the remodeled kitchen and other parts of the STL Brick House Airbnb.

Airbnbs channel entrepreneurial dreams

Samantha Haney, Co Web Editor April 18, 2022

Class of 2013 graduate Brian McKanna was able to follow his entrepreneurial dreams and find numerous ways to channel his passions. He started out with a business repairing arcade machines. When he was...

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