Prom to take place at Ritz-Carlton, includes juniors


Caoimhe Farris

Class of 2021 students do The Whip at the 2021 Prom that took place in Lafayette’s parking lot.  The 2022 Prom will also include juniors and will occur on April 30 at the Ritz-Carlton.

Penelope Proffitt, Staff Reporter

Despite Prom being canceled in 2020 and the Parking-Lot-Prom in 2021, the event will return to a more traditional Prom plan on Saturday, April 30.

One of the sponsors for this year’s celebration, Lauren Arnet, has helped coordinate the event’s location.

“We are going to the Ritz-Carlton again. Last year we had to do the Prom outside in the parking lot, but we are going back to a venue,” Arnet said.

Principal Karen Calcaterra announced that the junior class will be involved in the Prom this year, whereas last year it was secluded to seniors. Tickets for the event will be available to be purchased closer to the event date.

“Tickets will be purchased online. We encourage people to buy them online because it’s easier. They will be on the Parent Pay on Infinite Campus, and you can also bring a guest,” Calcaterra said.

When purchasing a ticket, students must also reserve a spot at a table at the event.

“You do have to decide on your table ahead of time because there is assigned seating and that has to be done in advance,” Arnet said.

When at the Prom, students will get a chance to participate in a formal dinner and a dance.

“[Students] will come in, they will get checked in and be served a full dinner. With COVID-19, having us cancel the prom in 2020 and then last year being a little weird, this year, it’s a full meal.  A salad, an entree with sides and then a dessert served at Prom. Then, they move the tables out of the way and the dance floor is there,” Arnet said.

Not only will there be a traditional Prom, but dress-up days will take place in celebration of senior week on April 25-29.

“We are just excited to have a prom. We don’t have to have it outside under a tent. We won’t be worried about the weather, it will just be nice to get fancy and be inside,” Calcaterra said.

Junior Ansley Lewis is looking forward to experiencing Prom for the first time.

“I’m excited because I didn’t know if I would be able to go because the first two years of my high school were really messed up. I’m excited about the dinner too. It’s something I have never done or experienced,” Lewis said.