Class of 2024 to participate in social event on last day of school

Janka Gerber

On the last day of the school year, June 3, the Class of 2024 will have a Freshman Fun Day Ice Cream Social. Freshmen will be let out of classes at 10:45 through an intercom announcement and go to the football field where they will be able to celebrate their year with ice cream and games. 

Virtual freshmen students will also participate in the event and will arrive at school at 10:45. No bus transportation will be provided for virtual students. Rockwood guidelines for mask-wearing will be enforced throughout the event as well.

The class will be separated into groups using different colored leis, receive ice cream in the stadium and then move onto the football field to participate in games led by Link Crew.

After the event, grab-n-go lunches will be available to any freshmen that would like them at tables set up outside the ROTC room, near the pool entrance doors starting at noon.

If teachers have an all-freshman class, they are invited to join the class outside on the field.

Freshman principal Kirti Mehrotra is very excited to be able to give the freshmen an opportunity to get together with their entire class since they haven’t had many opportunities to do it throughout the school year.

“This will be the first time we will have all freshmen students together enjoying a little time socializing as a group. In a non-pandemic year, we would have had them together multiple times throughout the year. It is important to bring my freshmen together to celebrate their hard work and perseverance this year with everything that has been so difficult for so many.” she said.

Despite having a difficult year, many freshmen are excited to be in high school and everything they will be able to do in the following years. Freshman Addyson Jones is looking forward to being able to attend sports games and school dances next year as there weren’t many opportunities this year, however, she is happy about how her year went overall. 

“My freshman year has been a bit hectic because of all that has been going on in the world but I like high school, it’s given me more freedom and the ability to find my own interest,” she said.

Jones is also looking forward to Freshman Fun Day because it’s a glimpse of what the rest of high school may look like once restrictions are fully lifted. 

Some freshmen, however, have been online all year. Annabel Staines is excited to be able to see people she hasn’t seen in a long time and meet new people that she hasn’t had the opportunity to throughout the year. 

“I am excited about it because I have been online all year so I want to meet everyone and see all my old friends from middle school. I am looking forward to just being at school in general and getting the full high school experience,” Stains said.