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Family organizes GoFundMe page to support

October 14, 2021

Scan here to directly donate to Ingrams GoFundMe.

Makayla Archambeault

Scan here to directly donate to Ingram’s GoFundMe.

“When Jenny was first diagnosed over five years ago, we offered to help her out and her reaction was that she wanted to fundraise for other people that were going through cancer treatment. She chose a local charity that was founded by the practice group of one of the doctors she was seeing. She was fighting for other people from the start,” Prosperi said. “I felt like her karma was due. Money is kind of the way to make somebody’s life the easiest in the quickest fashion. I didn’t want her to be stressed about bills or her mortgage. I was not surprised that there were a lot of people that responded to it knowing how many people she had helped over the years. I was surprised at just how massive the response was.”

Prosperi initially set up a GoFundMe as a way to raise money for Ingram to utilize as a cushion for any medical expenses that arise.

“When you get that first bill for over $1000 for something, it’s just really overwhelming. It sucks that has to be a part of her getting better. The financial part of it is stressful but that’s why this GoFundMe has been such a blessing for her because it’s a way for her to have some security so she doesn’t have to think about the difficult financial part and focus on what she needs to do to get better,” she said.

When Prosperi initially launched the fundraiser, she set a goal of $5,000. The total amount donated, as of Oct. 13, 2021, is $34,760.

Although the number is much larger than she originally anticipated, she’s not necessarily surprised at the amount of support that Ingram has from the community.

“It’s overwhelming, this diagnosis and the uncertainty of the future but knowing that every day she just has this huge hug of support, helps us know that she’s gonna be okay,” Prosperi said.

She also hoped that the funds raised could help support any decisions Ingram might have to make about her treatment plan.

“It’ll just be a nice pad for her for the next few years as she’s doing this ongoing treatment. Every time she has to write a check for a hospital bill she never has to be worried about it. She’ll never have to second guess [getting] an extra scan or trying extra treatment. I never wanted her to not get the care she wanted because of financial concerns,” Prosperi said.

Ingram’s friends have also acknowledged the financial relief the fundraiser has helped their peace of mind to know what she is taken care of.

“To go to all these doctor’s visits all the medical bills, it just seems like so much but she doesn’t complain about it. I had surgery a couple of years ago, which was so minor, but having to go through that and deal with health insurance companies was such a nightmare. Thinking about her having to deal with any of that makes me sad, I don’t want her to have to go through all of that. I was so happy with the GoFundMe,” Hensley said.

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