Jack Weaver

Nick Berry, actor

“I have been acting at Lafayette for three years in just the musicals. When I was younger, I did a bunch of camps and things like that but never any shows outside of it. At the audition, we all learned the dance one day and went out in groups to perform together, and then we sang a song by ourselves. We also had to read small scenes to see what we would all act like together. I was pretty excited when I was casted for Ren McCormack, I was excited to get this role. I think I can bring a lot of energy to this character. He’s a pretty outgoing guy, although he can be a bit obnoxious, I think I can bring that out pretty well. He’s kind of an outsider in the show, and I’ve gotten some interesting takes from Mrs. Fischer who has really helped me in figuring this character out. It’s been really fun to figure out how I’m going to play this character. I’m most excited for people to see the energy this show has. There’s even this one scene where Willard, Cole Doherty’s character, sings a song about how his mom tells him what to do all the time, and it’s my favorite in the show and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

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