Senior accounts to close June 30


Ashleigh Biermann

The Class of 2023 had their graduation practice in the Back Gym on May 26. Their actual graduation will occur June 3 at Chaifetz Arena and seniors’ Rockwood Google accounts will close June 30.

Adwyta Chelikavada, News Staff

As seniors have left Lafayette and are preparing for their futures, there are a few things they still need to do to ensure their information from their time in Rockwood is saved. When students first join the district, they are given their own Rockwood Google accounts, which are linked to information students gather throughout their years in Rockwood. That same account will be closed and deleted for all the seniors on June 30, 2023.

If seniors would like to keep the content they have accumulated over the years, they must follow these steps by opening the following photo slides:

1. Make a personal email address if you don’t already have one


2. Export files in your Google Drive


3. Forward important emails to another email

By taking a few simple steps out of a day, Seniors can hold on to the documents, emails and photos they have accumulated through their years in Rockwood.

To learn how to get a new Gmail account, transfer documents and files to a new account, and forward important emails to a new account, follow the directions that are listed above.