AP Art Studio students gain much more than just fine arts credit

Chiara Bouckaert


Caoimhe Farris

Junior Sawyer Novack was one of the AP Art Studio students who work was displayed at the Lafayette Fine Arts Festival April 22-23. The event allowed the class members to select which pieces to put on display.

During the AP Art Studio course, students produce a portfolio of work that can be submitted to the College Board at the end of the year for AP credit. but the students in this class that meets 3rd Hour actually get much more than advanced credit. Another major outcome is that the work can help them to really discover their creative voice.
The class has encouraged many aspiring artists to explore their individuality and branch out to experiment with new forms of art. The students use a range of approaches to create original art that showcases technical skills in a wide range of media through a variety of themes. They also complete a sustained investigation that consists of a body of work around a student-selected theme.