ROSE Award nominations to close soon


Jack Weaver

Former Lafayette ROTC teacher MSgt. Dave Cugier was a ROSE Award nominee in 2019. The ROSE Award is given to 15 Rockwood administrators or volunteers who demonstrate excellence of character, performance, leadership and service to the district.

Caroline Black, Staff Reporter

Each year, the Rockwood School District (RSD) honors 15 administrators with the Rockwood’s Outstanding Service in Education (ROSE) Award. The nomination form can be found on the RSD website and will be available through Thursday, Jan. 27.  Recognizing staff members from across the entire district, this award is one of the most prestigious and highly competitive. 

Any RSD staff member, in addition to anyone providing volunteer services to the district who is not a previous winner, is eligible for the award.

According to the website, “[The objective is] to provide special recognition to people in the Rockwood School District who demonstrate the excellence of character, performance, leadership and service. People who contribute more than is expected and stand out among their peers.” 

One of Lafayette’s librarians, Nichole Ballard-Long, was a recipient of the award in 2012. 

“It was a huge honor to receive the award because, first of all, I didn’t know who nominated me. It’s a really big deal to get it in our district and there are not many people that receive the award each year so it kind of felt overwhelming,” Ballard-Long said. 

After receiving the award, Ballard-Long understands just how much this award means to the recipients. 

“It’s really nice to know that people notice when you do things for kids. You know you’re doing your job, you put your whole heart into it, so it’s a nice recognition even though that’s not why anyone does their job in education. It’s nice to be recognized for you doing things that you think are good for kids,” Ballard-Long said. 

Principal Karen Calcaterra said nominating someone for this award is important and is something to take advantage of. 

“I think that it takes a village to run a caring and successful school community and that is everyone from any staff member, teacher, counselor, administrator or parent volunteer. I think it’s a nice way to highlight and honor the work that people do to help care about our school,” Calcaterra said. 

After nominations close, the ROSE Committee Chair David Arledge, Julie Cooper, Erin Knight and Christy Pitney, in addition to other selected committee members, will review each nomination and vote for the final 15 winners.