Fire alarm sounds during 1st Hour


Makayla Archambeault

Firefighters arrive at Lafayette High School after an alarm sounds at the school during 1st Hour on Sept. 21.

Morgan Vehige and Makayla Archambeault

Students and staff alike filed out of the building during 1st Hour on Sept. 21 following a ringing fire alarm.

Outside, students and staff stood in the drizzling rain while waiting for the fire department to arrive. Once they got to Lafayette, it was doubly confirmed that the fire alarm went off due to a faulty switch in the sprinkler room.

“We have a faulty switch in one of our sprinkler systems. This is the third time [it’s gone off]. The first was late summer, and the second was a week or two ago,” Associate Principal Michael Franklin said.

Senior Paige Wilkins was in AP Spanish when the alarm went off, and she believes that everyone did a good job of quickly exiting the building compared to her previous school, Fulton School at St. Albans.

“I initially thought ‘not again’. I didn’t think we were prepared for this but we went fast. We don’t have a test today so I really didn’t care,” Wilkins said. “It’s rainy, it’s cold and it’s not fun. But this was so much faster than my old school. [LHS] also kept everyone nice and orderly.”