Fresh From The Oven: Cookies Are Back

Cookie Stand to re-open the week of Sept. 20 during B Day Ac Lab


Emily Budde

Cookies rise in the oven to be served fresh to students from the Lafayette Cookie Stand in 2019. Before the Cookie Stand closed that second semester, students were able to purchase two cookies for $1 throughout the school day. The Cookie Stand is set to reopen during the week of Sept. 20.

Devan Ellison, Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic stole many things from the Lafayette High School experience for students. Though not directly related to the virus, another experience that students lost during the 2019-2020 school year was the Cookie Stand.

The Cookie Stand first opened in the early 2000s and provided students with fresh baked cookies and other items including slushies. However, the stand shut down second semester of 2020, due to business teacher Matt Landwehr’s schedule clashing with the Cookie Stand times. He and his CCE students were responsible for running the stand.

However, the Cookie Stand is making a return.

During the week of Sept. 20, the Cookie Stand will reopen and be run by Student Council (STUCO) and sponsor David Choate. He said they are excited to share what they have done to improve the Cookie Stand.

It has been a long time since we saw those cookie smiles on student faces,” Choate said.

The Cookie Stand will be open every B Day during lunch and the first passing period of Academic Lab. However, there will be a limited supply of cookies to be sold each day.

“We are only making a set number of cookies each day we are open, and once we are sold out, we will not make additional cookies,” Choate said.

The Otis Spunkmeyer cookies will cost $2 for three cookies. Previously they cost $1 for two cookies. 

Furthermore, cookies will not be the only thing on the menu. STUCOs plan on introducing new items to the stand, including pretzels.

STUCO members are looking forward to re-opening the Cookie Stand.

“It’s been a while since COVID and everything since we’ve had the Cookie Stand. But, I’m super excited for it to finally come back. Who doesn’t love cookies?” Owen Butler, STUCO President, said.

STUCO isn’t the only group excited for the return.

Sophomore Mia Saegusa said, “I have two older sisters who’ve gone to this school, and both of them have told me everything about how this school works and stuff. Both of them really seemed to like the Cookie Stand, so I’m excited to be able to experience it, even though it’s a little bit late.”

The LHS Cookie Stand is located downstairs in the main hallway next to the Main Gym and across from the language arts hallway.