2021 Legend yearbook sales to end this week

The theme for this school years yearbook is Our Stories. Photo courtesy of the Legend staff.

The theme for this school year’s yearbook is “Our Stories”. Photo courtesy of the Legend staff.

Jack Daws, Opinions Editor

The final deadline to order a 2021 Legend yearbook is Friday, April 30 at midnight. After that time, the books will be ordered and sent to the publisher. Only a few extra copies will be ordered in addition to those officially placed. Those extra copies will jump in price to $80 and will be available only until they are sold out.

Legend Editor-in-Chief senior Rachel Brown urges students, staff members and student guardians to take advantage of this opportunity because there is no guarantee that there will be any extra copies available to purchase.

“If you go to the Lancer Feed website and click the Yearbook Tab it will direct you to the ‘order a yearbook’ page and you can get one from there at the Yearbook Order Center. They are only on sale until Friday, so don’t miss your chance to snag one,” Brown said.

Assistant Editor senior Anoushka Pallekala said she is proud of the work her staff has done and believes the school year is well represented in the yearbook.

“While I know that every editor believes their staff did an amazing job with the yearbook that year, this is something I really do believe with this year’s staff,” Pallekala said.

Despite the challenges of this school year, adviser Nancy Smith said the Legend staff came up with creative ways to overcome those obstacles. 

“When everyone was virtual, the staff worked really hard to connect with students at home and have them send in photos of what they were doing while they were learning virtually. They came up to the building to cover what the teachers were doing,” Smith said.

Pallekala agreed that collecting the information was a bit more work this year even when school returned to in-person learning.

“Navigating the new schedule and interviewing students while trying to figure out who’s virtual and who isn’t wasn’t the easiest tasks to do, but the staff did an extraordinary job. These obstacles proved how much of a unique year the 2020-2021 school year was,” Pallekala said.

Brown also said even though students may think now that they will remember things and they have their own photos on their phones or that not much happened  this year due to COVID-19, the yearbook is something students will want to have.

“We have covered everything that went on from activities to classrooms to thing outside of school. In a few years, you start to forget the details and in 10-20 years you will want to look back and share these memories and stories with your families. You will want to show them these stories,” Brown said.

Smith also said she regularly gets calls from graduates looking for past yearbooks.

“Every year, I get calls from former students who tell me they did not purchase a book and they ae looking for extras to buy. Once in a while I do have an extra copy available for them but most of the time I have to tell them we do not have any and disappoint them,” she said. “That is why is it so important to order your yearbook now.”