Dec. 21, 2020 “Print” Newsmagazine

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We have a few select words for 2020, and so does the Oxford Dictionary, 72 to be exact. The truth is, this unprecedented year was one we could have never expected, but one we will definitely not forget. Truthfully, 72 words barely touches the surface of what we all experienced in 2020.

As Dec. 31 nears, one thing is certain: there’s a lot to look back on from COVID-19 to the election. It has been a whirlwind.

Still, 2021 doesn’t guarantee a brand new start. Much of what happens will be up to us and our attitudes about the world we live in. The world has found a way to adapt to the circumstances, whether it be through attending religious ceremonies online, binge watching TV during lockdown or holiday shopping at home.

In this issue of the Image, we reflect on the past year, but we also look ahead to the new year and the hope it offers. We have found that no matter the obstacles, people make things work and they push through the challenges. Because of this perseverance, stories happen. And, as long as people have stories to tell, we will be there to report them.

*Editor’s note: Everything in this edition was updated as of Dec. 20.