RSD announces ALP for students

With the closure of the Rockwood School District (RSD) until April 3, the district has announced a new learning plan for students called the Alternative Learning Plan (ALP). 

According to an email RSD sent to parents on March 18, “Through the ALP, the district aims to maintain relationships, keep students connected to school and their classmates and continue instruction and feedback toward progress of essential course outcomes.”

Teachers and staff will begin ALP training on March 23, and the first day of classes for students will be on March 26. 

Teachers and students will spend the first few days testing out content and seeing how students interact with and learn through ALP. After this introductory period, RSD plans to widen out the educational opportunities available starting on March 30.

According to the RSD’s ALP page, teachers will also be giving out a new edition of the Curriculum Department Newsletter to parents.

If students need help from the district for WiFi, there is a google form where students can request an online hotspot. Elementary students can request devices to have the opportunity to be a part of ALP through a google form as well.

On RSD’s ALP page for the 6-12 Learning Plan, a detailed timeline is available for students and parents detailing how and when the ALP is going to run.

Buildings will be only open for essential functions. Students, however, will be able to pick up any belongings they left at school before spring break. Parents will have to contact the school to arrange a pickup time. 

“During this unprecedented situation, collaboration between staff, students and parents will be instrumental in making this a successful continuation of the exceptional whole-student experience offered in Rockwood schools,” the RSD email sent to parents said. 

More emails from building principals and teachers are to come within the next week detailing the ALP to students and parents.