Listen in: Advice for upcoming spring sports tryouts


Morgan Vehige

In a game against Fort Zumwalt South in 2019, shortstop Ryan Neise throws the ball toward first baseman, Tyler Hagan. In this episode of Listen In, sports editor Morgan Vehige is joined by assistant varsity coach Scott Holtmann and girls lacrosse senior co-captain Kari Kamrud.

Morgan Vehige and Chloe Baker

Starting the first week in March, ten sports will begin their season with week-long tryouts to determine freshmen, junior varsity and varsity levels. In this episode, sports editor Morgan Vehige sits down with assistant varsity coach Scott Holtmann and senior lacrosse co-captain Kari Kamrud to talk about how they approach tryouts, along with the mental and physical aspects of each that come along with it.

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