R&R Ranch provides home for neglected miniature horses

Ryan Swan

Ryan Swan, Staff Reporter

Stacy Rolfe, founder of R&R Ranch, spends her days caring for and rehabilitating miniature horses.

“The hope was that we were just going to have a cute little two or three-stall barn, until my daughter said, ‘Mom, why don’t we get a miniature horse’ and I said, ‘Yeah, that would be fun’ and that was our first foray into miniature horses,” Rolfe said.

R&R Ranch’s first purchases were two severely neglected mini ponies from Craigslist.

“They were only two years old, and yet we were their fourth owner,” Rolfe said. “So we had a crash course in understanding what in the world, why have these horses changed hands four times in two years. And quite honestly, it’s what we know now is that very often these horses have very little, if any, value put on them.”