Flu shot clinic to be hosted at LHS

Vijay Viswanathan

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the phrase “the flu” starts to pop up everywhere.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that anyone who is six months or older should receive the yearly dose of the influenza vaccine. The flu vaccine lowers your chance of getting a strain of the flu. The Rockwood School District is hosting a series of flu shot clinics at schools in the district. The flu shot clinic at Lafayette is on Sept. 17 between 3-6  p.m. in Room 180. If someone is unable to make it at that time, there are other flu shot clinics at other Rockwood schools at various times.

There are three versions of the vaccine: Quadrivalent, Preservative Free and High Dose.

The clinic is first-come, first-serve. There is no cost for Rockwood employees and their dependents if they produce proof of health insurance, either privately or through the Rockwood School District. For Rockwood students and members of the community, the cost depends on the version of the vaccine they get. Quadrivalent is $19, Preservative Free is $23 and High Dose is $48.

Principal Karen Calcaterra said, “I hope lots of people come out and get their flu shot.”

Students are allowed to receive the shot alone if they can prove they are over the age of 11 and have a Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) consent form signed by a parent. You can download the form from the website.

“There will be three nurses to help with traffic but expect a short wait. If you have questions, please contact the nurse’s office, via dialing the Lafayette phone number and entering extension number 34108,” Rita McCafferty, school nurse said.