Flex Time brings many options for students


Jack Weaver

The first 121-minute Flex Time will be from 11:40-12:41 on Thursday, Aug. 22.

Vijay Viswanathan

Today, Aug. 22. is the first day Flex has been implemented. Many clubs and teachers have taken advantage of this newly incorporated time in order to have meetings and one-on-one time to help students. Flex Time has been implemented in all Rockwood high schools this school year.

The goal behind Flex Time was to eliminate the need for students to come before school or to stay after school. Some highlights of today’s meetings include Mindful Breathing Strategies for Students with Tracy Gladden in Room 92, Super Smash Bros. Club with Kevin O’Gorman in Room 136 and a Model UN meeting with Lori Zang-Berns in Room 127.

The full list of Flex Time activities is available at the Lafayette High School website under ‘Announcements’ every day alongside being on the televisions throughout the school.