Soft rollout of Flex schedule planned for first week of school year

Kayla Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

With the first day of the school year right around the corner on Aug. 12, that also means the redesigned Flex Time schedule is only days away from being implemented. The first two weeks of the school year, however, will include a soft rollout of the Flex schedule. 

Flex Time is designed to provide time for students to get help from teachers, attend study sessions, make up tests and meet with clubs and extracurricular groups with the ultimate goal of alleviating the need for students to arrive at school early or stay late. Flex Time is built into each “A” and “C” Day. 

Flex Time and Lunch on “A” Days is 60 minutes and typically occur on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Extended Flex Time on “C” Days is 121 minutes and typically occurs on Thursday. On both days, students are expected to eat lunch during Flex Time due to the lack of lunch shifts assigned to 4th Hour classes.

During the first two weeks of the school year, however, both Monday and Tuesday “A” Days as well as the “A” Day on Friday, Aug. 15 will not include Flex Time. Instead, students will eat lunch during 4th Hour.

On Aug. 15, the first “C” Day of the school year, each grade level will have their class meeting during Flex Time to discuss changed policy and receive additional information about Flex Time. 

On Aug. 22, the second “C” Day of the school year, no school-wide activities are planned, and Aug. 23 will be the first typical “A” Day with built in Flex Time.

The week of Aug. 26, the third week of the school year, will be the first week with unplanned events during all “A” and “C” Day Flex Times.

The first three weeks of the school year will follow a typical AABCA schedule, and the first late start date is Aug. 26.