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One for the books

A recap on the historic floods that struck Eureka

June 13, 2017

Before it hit

It was a threat the Eureka community did not expect to face again so soon. In December of 2015, the Meramec River reached a historical level, flooding homes, schools, and businesses. This May, the people of Eureka found themselves once again preparing for a quite too similar situation.

On Sunday, April 30, volunteers began gathering in Eureka to help sandbag. Due to the condition of the Eureka community, Superintendant Dr. Eric Knost canceled all schools in the Eureka quadrant for Monday, May 1.

That night, Knost canceled all schools in the Rockwood School District for Tuesday, May 2.

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Rising waters

The worst of the flood was approaching quickly. Volunteers had put in hours of hard work, working past sunset and through the night. After days of preparation, it was clear that this flood would go down as the worst flood the community of Eureka had ever faced.

The Meramec River continued to climb, causing floodwaters to cover roads and highways. These closures led Knost to cancel all Rockwood schools for the remainder of the week.

On Wednesday, May 3, the Meramec River crested just slightly over the historic level set in 2015. This crest was marked as the highest the Meramec River has ever reached in Eureka, MO.

As the waters began to recede, the Eureka community once again came together to help those that had been affected by the flood.

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