Photo Opinion: Who is going to win Superbowl LIV?

Reggie Brown, Staff Reporter

The 54th annual Superbowl is coming up on Feb. 2. This year is an interesting matchup as it will see the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the most efficient offenses in the National Football League (NFL) vs. the San Francisco 49ers, one of the best defenses in the NFL. The Chiefs will be making their first Superbowl appearance in 50 years and the 49ers were last in the big game in 2012. This season, the Niners sat atop the National Football Conference (NFC) while the Chiefs were second in the American Football Conference (AFC) only behind the Ravens. In the playoffs, the 49ers ran through the competition while the Chiefs had to pull off a comeback to topple the red hot Titans in the AFC Championship game.

Everyone has their own opinions on how the game will go and everyone celebrates it in different ways. Despite being a Missouri team, not everyone at Lafayette supports the Chiefs.