What road is faster: Old Eatherton Road or 109?


Juli Mejia

Several students have started taking an alternative route, Eatherton Road, on their way to school each morning. Based on an experiment, Eatherton turned out to be the more successful route.

Juli Mejia and Sonya Sud

Students driving south to school each morning may have found themselves wondering which road is most efficient for them, Old Eatherton Road or 109? With heavy traffic, unforeseeable obstacles and an abnormal traffic light set-up, it’s not an easy question to answer. In reality, dozens of factors could lead to one road gaining the advantage, and deciding one right answer could be downright impossible.

Still, we decided to give it a try. Starting in the parking lot of the BP gas station at the corner of 109 and Wildhorse Creek Road, we traveled in two separate vehicles each morning from April 24 to April 28. We each took the same route the entire week and started the timer at approximately the same time. We each travelled at or within five miles of the speed limit, which is 50 miles per hour on 109.