Now is the time to make family memories


courtesy of Libby Brim

For special holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, my family and I have certain traditions which some of them we carry on for many years.

When I think of the holidays, I usually think of what I do with my family, and our annual activities like having a snack fest, looking at Christmas lights and being with my mom’s or dad’s parents. Every year, I always beg my mom to go look at Christmas lights with me around our neighborhood. We usually have different categories depending on the color of the lights, and one of my favorite places to go see Christmas lights is Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park. We haven’t been there in a few years but the times I have been there had been awesome. They always go all out with lights decorating the whole park from head to toe.

I hold the holiday season close to my heart. I’ve learned how important it is to appreciate my family as much as I can because I know these special memories won’t be forever. And it’s true; before you know it, you’ll be in college and only home for a few days on break. You’ll practically be a guest. So, cherish those moments. Even if it’s just a simple thing like getting peppermint mochas. Holiday traditions could be as simple as that, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. These traditions can come in all shapes and sizes from family events to friend activities to getting your teachers gifts. Use this season to get close to your loved ones, and create memories that you guys can laugh about it later.

Here are some of my memories with my family throughout the years.