Not so Corny


Vijay Viswanathan

Candy has long been a staple of Halloween. Reese’s Cups took the top spot among Halloween candy in 2021, with Skittles reining as the top Halloween candy in 2019.

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor

Once you start seeing the seasonal pumpkin and cinnamon items in the stores, Halloween is coming up. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The crisp feel of the cool air blowing against your hair, eating candy corn while watching Halloween Town is my favorite thing to do.

With Halloween comes the time where parents stock up on bags of candy for the trick-or-treaters and for themselves. Did you know, Missouri’s most popular Halloween candy is Milky Way? I would’ve assumed it was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or something like that!

I want to let this out there that Almond Joy is the worst candy by far. This is definitely the worst candy. Yes, coconut and chocolate do go together, but certainly not with Almond Joys. I’m not very picky with my chocolate, but the chocolate on top of the nuts and coconut does not go together. It doesn’t go together like peanut butter and jelly, or mustard and ketchup. It’s not a dynamic duo.

Now, onto the second worst candy, 100 Grand. I know a lot of people like 100 Grand, but to me it’s not really good. The chocolate for this candy is kind of basic and very generic and doesn’t really taste like anything special. The nuts with this candy don’t really mix well.

The next worst would have to be Butterfingers. I have a love-hate relationship with them. The good thing about Butterfingers is the really good chocolate. A downside to this candy is how hard it is to bite into them. Sometimes the crumbs get all over your clothes and can even break brackets if people have braces.

The fourth worst would have to be Tootsie Rolls. I occasionally like them, but sometimes don’t. When I had braces, I used to eat these all the time. The Tootsie Roll would always get stuck in between my brackets and would take more time to get the gunk out. I also feel like Tootsie Rolls are a pretty basic candy and not really unique compared to others.

The last and final worst candy is Milk Duds. Most of my family members like Milk Duds, but not me. The caramel is too sticky and hard to chew on, same with the chocolate. The chocolate is also really messy.

With the bottom five worst candy for Halloween comes the top three candy for Halloween. 

Number three for the best candy would definitely have to be Twix. I love any type of chocolate really, but the Twix chocolate is my favorite type. The shortbread mixed with the caramel is a perfect ratio, including the chocolate. A few years ago, Twix decided to add the left and right Twix. In my taste, I always grab the left Twix, so I’m kind of biased there.

Number two on this tier is Dots. My whole family loves Dots. If there is a Halloween bag mixture with this candy, we always tend to get this type. Most of the trick-or-treaters who come to our house don’t gravitate towards Dots, which is good for us. Although, the only bad thing of this candy is how sticky the candy is and how it sticks to your teeth. Each flavor of this candy is sweet and different in its own way.

Now, the final candy. Drum roll please! The best candy is Swedish Fish! I know this is an unpopular opinion but Swedish Fish is the best. My brother and I can eat this candy all day. The only thing I wish Swedish Fish did differently is adding different shapes for certain holidays. Maybe like a Christmas tree for Christmas, or a pumpkin for Halloween. Swedish Fish, take notes. When I get this candy, I always savor each bite. This candy is not too hard, and not too soft which is the perfect ratio. The taste is a strawberry flavor. It’s not too artificial which is good. Some candies have too much of an artificial flavor which is trying too hard.

This weekend comes the time where children say the iconic three line statement to receive candy. The time where kids throw away the raisins they receive and trade candy. Who doesn’t love Halloween treats?