Album Review: The Band CAMINO’s debut album surpasses expectations

Songs create genuine emotion through relatable lyrics, incredible instrumentation


Morgan Vehige

After four singles, The Band CAMINO’s debut album dropped on Sept. 10 with 14 tracks. The album mixes different genres such as alternative, rock and electropop in order to make one of the best modern music albums of the last decade.

Morgan Vehige

It’s rare to see a debut album that doesn’t have a single song to skip. 

Honestly, first albums in general can be major skips on a band’s discography. They’re a rough examination because there’s not enough time for a band to find their signature sound and purpose and stick with it. 

The Band CAMINO’s debut album does that. 

Compromised of sheer emotional lyrics, steady vocals and incredible instrumentals, their debut album is one of the most stunning debuts in modern music in a long time. 

The band consists of three members: Jefferey Jordan on vocals and guitar, Spencer Stewart on vocals and guitar and Garrison Burgess on drums and bass. They’ve previously released three EPs that have had varying levels of success with singles like Daphne Blue and See Through making top Spotify playlists.

The album contains a daunting 14 tracks compared to all of their EPs having eight or less. Yet, none of them are terrible. In fact, all of them maintain that same level of passion that is so evident in the music and in the lyrics and it’s incredible. 

It ranges from different areas of music. Some songs are meant to be played live with heavy drums, guitar solos and the whole stadium cheering the lyrics. Other songs are meant to be listened to in the quiet moments of life, alone and ready to feel. 

A big section of the album falls into the everyday songs about life. Some are more upbeat and positive, and others are meant to be a wake up call to drag you up and smack you in the face with reality. 

Roses, Who Do You Think You Are? and Look Up falls in the first category. Each of them tell a different story, but the electropop and catchy beats spread optimism through the lyrics. 

Roses includes many positive lyrics about taking life slowly and not living to please others. Who Do You Think You Are? tells the story of the singer, and how he questions who he’s become because of fame. The thought-provoking lyrics of “how did you get so far away from everything / you thought you’d be at seventeen” relate strongly to modern-day struggles with the future. Look up is a more upbeat song that instructs that a “virtual mentality” is not enough to live in the real world. It’s a more tech-based sound but it works with the message of the song. 

EVERYBODYDIES, Just a Phase and 1 Last Cigarette fall into the second category. Each of these songs are made to be sung live or shouted in a car with friends. They contain strong bass and a strong message about self-realization. 

EVERYBODYDIES emphasizes a lifestyle where a person should live their life without apologies. It’s not as dreary as the title suggests. While the lyrics can be a bit sad when fully thought of, the electric keys and guitar sneak their way through the chorus to uplift the song. 1 Last Cigarette is a party song through and through. With incredible rock instrumentation and shoutable lyrics, the song imitates the same ‘don’t care about life’ attitude with a tinge of bitterness and anger that fits perfectly.

Just a Phase somehow combines the attitudes of those songs and adds in more about what it’s like to be a young adult in modern-day. The song contains lyrics like “I don’t really know if it’ll be okay / But everybody’s telling me it’s just a phase”, further commentating on the struggles of peer pressure, anxiety and struggles accepting the life surrounding a person. It’s one of the best songs on the album with subtle harmonies, a blending of many different instruments and an alternative rock tempo that demands the volume be turned up. 

The rest of the album can be split into three separate categories: bops about somewhat loving relationships, bops about bad relationships and mellow songs to create bits of sadness and contemplation. 

Underneath My Skin and I Think I Like You each have a lot of fun instrumentation. There’s an electric pop kind of feeling without being overwhelming like in other modern music. The lyrics of each song perfectly capture the first feelings of falling head over heels for someone, creating a sense of happiness before moving into the next category on the album. 

A sense of righteous bitterness and slyness lies in songs like Know It All, Song About You and Get It Your Way. In their own ways, they show the short-term aftermath, long-term aftermath and eventual acceptance of the end of a relationship. Each of them contains angry lyrics and angry instruments, and it creates a melodious storm of sound that creates a pleasing listening experience.

The Band CAMINO is criminally underrated as an artist in general, and this album is a wake up call to pay close attention to them.”

The last few songs Sorry Mom, Damage and Help Me Get Over You contain individual messages. Sorry Mom is an appreciation letter to mothers everywhere with a simple guitar and simple lyrics which somehow break the heart and make it whole once again. Damage contemplates the emotional stress after a break-up. While the deeper meaning is hidden under soothing vocals and more upbeat instrumentals, the lyrics themselves are devastating in their own right. Finally, Help Me Get Over You is easily the saddest song on the album. A slow piano buildup and lyrics like “Put me out of all my misery / Even if you have to lie, there must be something you can do / Help me get over you” emphasize the raw emotion behind the song and make it a great song to help the album round out. 

The Band CAMINO is criminally underrated as an artist in general, and this album is a wake-up call to pay close attention to them. With this album, they’ve cemented themselves as genuine lyrical and musical geniuses. They combine different elements of what makes alternative, rock and electropop music enjoyable, and do a great job of blending and taking from each of them. 

This album transcends all expectations for a debut, and needs to be celebrated. The Band CAMINO is one of the best up-and-coming artists of the century so far, and it’s going to be exciting as they build their fanbase and experiment with new sounds. 

With a song for almost every attitude, there’s something in this album for everyone to enjoy. Turn the volume up, sit back and enjoy some of the best of what new music has to offer. 

Final rating: 10 out of 10.