Review: Mac Miller shines on posthumous project ‘Circles’


Nicolas Volcker

Mac Miller at the Splash! Festival in 2017. Miller died of a drug overdose in 2018. Photo by Nicolas Volcker, published under Creative Commons license.

Sophia Wasson, Staff Reporter

On his newest posthumous album “Circles,” the late artist Mac Miller expresses lots of emotion. The album was released with the help of Miller’s family and his producers.

Miller passed away on Sept. 20, 2018 from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 26. He was a famous American singer, rapper and record producer. He got interested in hip-hop while still in school and learned a number of musical instruments on his own. Apart from rapping, Mac Miller also produced records under the name Larry Fisherman.

Miller’s main point of this album was to produce something more personal. He sang about things that people like himself struggled with. The album is eye-opening, and it is amazing how deep and touching the songs can make you feel. 

The title track was a total hit in the album. In the song, Miller picks and points at aspects of himself. He was questioning his capability to change himself. On a similar note, another song, “Hands,” targets the idea that some people do not take enough time to take care of themselves. “When’s the last time you took a little time for yourself?” Miller sings.

“Blue World” was another hit on his album. “Without you, it’s the color blue,” Miller sings, using the color blue to symbolize sadness. A lot of the lyrics talk about how much his mind goes and goes and makes him crazy. With a similar meaning, the song “Surf” indicates that he thought one person would bring him the satisfaction of a lifetime.

“Once a day I try / But I can’t find a single word,” Miller sings on “Once a Day.” This one definitely hits more personally. Miller states on the song that he never really felt like what he had to say mattered—he never felt like his words were valued in the right way.

On “That’s on Me,” he repeats the line “All my fault.” Miller constantly lived in a world where he blamed himself for everything, to the point where he was annoyed by himself.

“Complicated” states the idea that we should live out our young years because we do not have that much time. But, in his younger years, Miller had a lot of problems that tugged on his heart.

In his song “Good News” Miller talks a lot about how whenever something good happens to him, something bad always follows up to destroy it. He also says that people only ever want to hear good news, and that is why bad news is so difficult for many.

“I Can See” is a very honest song. Miller mentions that life is a fantasy—you can imagine it perfectly, but reality will destroy your fate. Another eye-catching lyric was, “You never expect to fall / So hold on.” You never know when life is going to hit you hard, so hold on to everything you can to prevent from falling so hard. “Everybody” starts off with the simple fact that everyone lives and everyone dies. Things will be good sometimes, but other times it will be rough.

“Woods” is describing how Miller never felt like he was good enough for the life he had. “Things like this aren’t meant to last. “Hand Me Downs” is the last of the songs on the album. Miller talks about how it is getting harder for life to hold him down. He states that he needs someone to keep him sane and he thought that someone else’s love could save his sanity.