OPINION: Freshman Survival Guide – Homecoming Edition

Amisha Paul and Delaney Stulce

Homecoming week is upon us. For us seniors, juniors and sophomores, we’ve been through this week before.  It’s certainly one of the best weeks of the year, but that’s not to say it’s an easy week to survive. With events almost every single day and night, there’s a lot to remember and do. So we’ve compiled a list of tips for freshmen, who are going through this week for the first time.

  • GET INVOLVED! There are SO many fun things to do this week! Go to as many events as you can and participate! You won’t regret it.
  • Don’t forget to dress up! Don’t be the kid that’s too cool to dress up. Participate, or be harassed by upperclassmen.
  • You will lose class competitions and lunch games. It’s okay, your time will come.
  • Watch out for flying pumpkins during lunch.  We never ensured anybody’s safety during the week.
  • Decorate for Hall Decorations.  You won’t win, but it’s fun anyway to stay late and make the “decs”.  
  • Thursday morning, stay away from the hallways or be trampled by the juniors and seniors running the halls.
  • Thursday don’t be surprised if you are covered in glitter- it always seems like the glitter fairy has thrown up all over the school on Powderpuff.
  • Remember: it is okay to not have a date this year. You’ve got time to stress over how to put on a boutonniere and how to not dance badly in front of your crush.

Homecoming can be extremely overwhelming, even for high school veterans, but if you follow this list religiously, you might be able to make it out alive.