What goes around comes around: recycled fashion trends from past decades


When walking the halls from class to class, one can’t help but to notice what their peers are wearing; what shoes are hot as of now, and in what colorway? What brands are hot as of now, and are skinny jeans considered “cool”?

Surprisingly enough, a lot of the popular trends among teenagers are nothing new. Many of the styles we know and love were introduced into the world of fashion in an earlier decade, gone out of fashion and since been revitalized. Others were introduced initially with a certain market audience in mind, then re-purposed by consumers somewhere down the line.

The jogger, a variant of sweatpants with a slightly slimmer fit than standard sweatpants and elastic ankle cuffs, had no place in the closet of a teenager until the last five to ten years. Now, joggers are commonplace when it comes to high school fashion, especially among the boys. The signature elastic cuffs that separate joggers from other styles of sweatpants have been incorporated into casual khaki pants, creating a slightly dressier, but still cool-casual style.

Another one of these resurrected fashion trends is the high-waist jean, which rides abnormally high on the wearer’s torso compared to standard jeans, as the name suggests. The style was introduced in the 70’s and then popularized in the 80’s, which is just now making its comeback in recent years. The high-waist style has been adopted yet again by young women and girls, and can add a pinch of vintage appeal to an outfit.

In terms of sportswear, it can be said without debate that Nike and Adidas are at the forefront. Brands like Champion have been successful as well, but their clothing has never been considered popular, every-day wear. Recently, however, Champion has rose in popularity in the street style scene, specifically with young adults and teenagers. Champion hoodies, T-shirts and windbreakers can be seen worn as a fashion staple rather than its original purpose as active wear.