Destroyer’s new album is one to please

Jack Deubner, Staff Reporter

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With a name like “Destroyer”, you’d think front man Dan Bejar would be screaming over some wailing guitars and heavy bass lines, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Hailing from Vancouver, Destroyer’s 19 year long run is filled with blissful indie rock that’s good for settling down with a blanket on a cold day, walking over leaves in the fall, and especially with their newest release, Poison Season, taking a long walk through Times Square in New York.

Released on August 28th, Poison Season is Destroyer’s 10th album and follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed Kaputt. The album is one to please for long time listeners of Destroyer and casual indie rock fans.

Starting the album is Dan Bejar’s album spanning statement of “You can fall in love with Times Square,” backed by soft piano and an orchestra with Bejar’s soft, Hunky Dory era David Bowie-sounding voice. The soft spoken “Times Square, Poison Season I” contrasts with the following track “Dream Lover“.  This song has a billowing horn section rocking a Bruce Springsteen riff creating a great song for late night driving with the windows down, celebrating the night before the sun comes back up. The album continues with its acoustic guitar, piano flourishes, and Bejar’s lyrics telling a story of a lost love and emotional hardships.

Poison Season is a great representation of Baroque Pop with a string section, horns, and technical drumming behind Bejar’s vocals creating a great mood for the upcoming Autumn weather. This album and the previous Kaputt are two records that I’d strongly recommend to anyone looking to branch their taste into the deeper roots of indie rock.

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