New drivers seeking parking spots find themselves on a waitlist


Adwyta Chelikavada

Students will be able to purchase parking passes online beginning July 26. The Lafayette High School parking lot contains a total of 980 spaces.

Adwyta Chelikavada, News Staff

Every school year, student drivers come into school and select their parking spots for the year. At this time, students have spots that are readily available for them, however, the trouble of finding a spot appears in the middle of the year.

Over the past couple of months, students who want to get a parking spot are being put on a waitlist until a space opens up in the parking lot.

Junior Class Secretary Kelly Mehegan manages the parking spaces and is well aware of this situation. She said the main cause for the filled-up spaces is the number of sophomores getting their driver’s licenses.

Most sophomores turn 16 during the middle of the academic year and are able to get licenses. Once they have their licenses, they are eligible to come to the office and request parking spots.

Barbara Mullen, the parking lot attendant, is aware that the parking lot fills up late in the year.

“We have spaces available, it’s just that now all the sophomores are turning 16 and getting cars,” Mullen said. 

The common trend of sold-out parking spaces happens every year and comes with no surprise to the LHS staff, but for students who wind up on a wait list for a parking spot, the news that spaces are not available is usually a surprise.

“Every year we have a wait list usually in February,” Mehegan said. 

Senior Sarah Battula, who has been driving since her sophomore year, has seen the parking lot changing.

“Compared to previous years, I definitely think it’s a lot more crowded,” Battula said. 

When students come in mid-year to request a space, sometimes, Mehegan is able to open up some additional parking spaces.

“I am able to open spaces up by moving seniors that signed up for CCE second semester to park on the lower bus lot. Also, seniors that graduate early are required to turn in their parking permits and we are able to make those spots available to new drivers,” Mehegan said.

This allows individuals to get off the waitlist and get parking spots.

The whole lot composes of 694 regular student spaces, 207 staff spaces, 39 CCE student spaces, 27 visitor spaces and 13 handicapped spaces.