Show choir group prepares for first conert


Zosia Paciorek

Standing in their finishing positions, Mic Drop members rehearse Break Free by Ariana Grande. Mic Drop’s first concert will be April 27.

Zosia Paciorek, News Assistant Editor

Lafayette’s show choir, Mic Drop, will perform their first concert at LHS on April 27 from 7 to 8:30 pm. The members, who have been preparing for this concert all year, will be performing popular songs such as Easy On Me by Adele, Permission To Dance by BTS and songs from different television shows such as Stranger Things. Founded by choir teacher Christy Shaffer, Mic Drop is in its first year of being an official group.

“I love choir. I think that some kids like singing but they’re not really interested in that traditional choir setting, so show choir is a completely different niche for [them],” Shaffer said.

Show choir distinguishes itself from other choirs. It is a type of choir that combines singing with synchronized dancing and staging. Unlike traditional choirs, which focus primarily on vocal performance, show choirs aim to create performances that incorporate both vocal and physical elements. Show choir performances often include costumes, props and sets.

“It’s a different part of our community that can reach everybody,” Shaffer said.

Together, Mic Drop creates performances with dances and singing. Students assist each other in creating choreography.

“A lot of the dances are choreographed by students and because of that, it’s important that we take into account what looks good on stage, what’s practical and possible to do on stage without taking away from the spectacle on stage,” junior Christopher Songco said.

Songco, along with other Mic Drop members, will be having a solo part in the concert. Songco is going to be singing a solo in Permission To Dance by BTS.

“I have a solo at the first ever concert. I feel like it’s just a huge honor and I feel very privileged to be able to put myself out there and entertain the crowd on my own,” Songco said.

Mic Drop has improved, spending every first hour of the school learning and rehearsing.

“I can definitely see progress in myself and in my teammates,” freshman Connor Kash said.

The group has grown since the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the show choir, Shaffer said that everyone was very nervous to perform in front of an audience.

“The first time I took this show choir out to perform they were very nervous, they didn’t want to go and they felt apprehensive about it because they haven’t done this before,” Shaffer said.

However, over time, Mic Drop members became less and less nervous.

“By the second time [performing] it got even better, by the third time, they were much more comfortable with it, so it’s just repetition, it’s just getting out there and performing it,” Shaffer said.

The Mic Drop group is not looking for a perfect student who will do it all.

“I am not looking for somebody that can do it all, it’s fine if they are okay singers because I can teach them and help them to grow. If they’re a great dancer and an okay singer, that’s fantastic. If somebody is a great singer and an okay dancer, I can work with that too. I’m looking for somebody that has that basic rhythm and can carry pitch. You don’t have to be a fabulous singer because I can teach you that. I’m just looking for somebody that can at least be strong in at least one of those talents,” Shaffer said.

In preparation for their concert, the members of the show choir are continuing to practice and rehearse.

“I’m most excited for people to come in and see how much work we’ve put in since the beginning of the year and how much commitment we have put into this class, even if members have not been able to continue or had to leave,” sophomore Annie Jones said.