“Disco Fever” Winter Formal Week starts Jan. 23


Donald Johnson

Students dance in the Commons during the 2022 Winter Formal. This year’s theme is Disco Fever.

Daniel Carrillo, Reporter

Lafayette’s “Disco Fever” Winter Formal Week will begin on Jan. 23 and conclude with the dance on Jan. 28. The dance takes place from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. and doors close at 9 p.m. students must be picked up before 9:30 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for a single ticket and $20 for a couples ticket. All tickets will be sold online using Hometown Ticketing and there will not be any sold at the door. Students will have to enter a passcode to buy the tickets and the code will be their 10-digit student ID.

Throughout the week, there will be spirit days that were picked out by Student Council, who also picked out the theme for Winter Formal. 

“We [STUCO] all had a bunch of ideas, but the disco theme was one that really stood out because we wanted to do something that was different from what we’ve done before,” Junior Kate Hall, Student Council (STUCO) Assistant Dance Chair, said.

In addition to the dress-up days, STUCO is hosting a blood drive on Friday, which is a change from previous years.

“This year, the Pep Assembly is on a Thursday instead of a Friday because we have our yearly blood drive on Friday,” Hall said.


The Spirit Days for Winter Formal Week are: 

Monday (Jan. 23): Pajamas Day

Tuesday (Jan. 24): Winter Blues (wear blue or St. Louis Blues gear)

Wednesday (Jan. 25): Groufit (wear gray from head to toe)`

Thursday (Jan. 26): 70’s Disco Day / Winter Pep Assembly

Friday (Jan. 27): Ski Day