Assistant Principal announces retirement, ‘lengthy’ hiring process begins


Anusha Singh

During a food fundamentals class in the 2021-22 school year, Assistant Principal Kirti Mehrotra teaches the class how to make an Indian dish. Mehrotra has enjoyed working with students during her time at Lafayette.

Samantha Haney, Opinions Editor

On Dec. 6, Assistant Principal Kirti Mehrotra announced she would be retiring after the 2022-23 school year.

“I’ve really enjoyed working here, the kids have kept me young,” Mehrotra said.

After seeing others retire when they have arthritis or are too old to travel, Mehrotra decided to retire after 25 years working in Rockwood. The process to fill her position is lengthy according to Associate Principal Mike Franklin.

“First, the position is posted by our Humans Resources department to advertise it. People apply for it and once that happens, a committee is formed at the district level of interviewers,” Franklin said.

Franklin said that along with Principal Karen Calcaterra, based on past experience, they will be on the interviewing committee.

“Typically they’ll screen applicants and then have two interviews with them,” he said.

Once the new assistant principal is chosen, they will begin working at Lafayette and be the principal for the Class of 2024’s senior year.