FBLA, HOSA prepare for upcoming State competitions


Jack Weaver

Class of 2020 Cailey Bingham at the 2020 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Districts at St. Louis University. The 2022 FBLA State Leadership conference will take place around Springfield, MO at different places like the University Plaza Hotel, EXPO Center, and JQH Arena at Missouri State University from April 10-12.

Sonya Sud, Assistant Editor in Chief

Lafayette’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Future Health Professionals Organization (HOSA) each had tests or presentations to qualify them for their upcoming competitions.

Students competing in FBLA made presentations or took tests regarding the business-related topics that they have been preparing for throughout the school year. A panel of judges would go over these tests to determine who in the district would be going to state competitions. There were over 50 schools competing in district-9 of FBLA, which is the district Lafayette is in.

There were two different categories of competitions, Objective Tests and Performance Events. Objective Tests are multiple-choice or written, hour-long tests. Performance Events range from presentations, interviews and speeches

Those who took Objective Tests took a test right after Christmas Break. FBLA sponsor Mathew Steffans said groups were given resources throughout the year and they worked hard to prepare for their tests.

Those with Performance Events performed during Christmas Break. Then, those who qualified in Performance Events were presented in person on Feb. 8. For each Performance Event group, groups spent time after school to walk through sample prompts, as well as prepare to work together.

“I am impressed with each of the students, the performances that each individual and group put together show the level of dedication this group has,” Steffans said.

Those who qualified will be moving on to compete at state.

Students in HOSA with competitive events required a multiple-choice or written qualifying test. Participants took their tests on Feb. 9. Depending on the category students chose to compete in, some submitted previously prepared work. Sophomore Joshua Lanzotti qualified for State in Medical Spelling.

“Preparing for my HOSA Test was difficult because it was a spelling test and any word in the Medical Dictionary was on the table. So how I overcame this task was by studying individual roots of words about two to three times a week. I’m so glad that I qualified for State, although I am a little nervous because there are going to be a lot of other very smart people at the event. So I guess I’m just going to have to do my best, and study even harder.”

Students who qualified for state competitions will be competing in Rolla on March 28 and 29.