2022 Legend early bird sales to end Oct. 29


Juli Mejia

In preparation for the 2021-2022 yearbook, Legend sports editor senior Paige Halter works on one of her assignments. Yearbooks are typically finished at the end of a school year and are given to students around the beginning of the following school year.

Sonya Sud, Assistant Editor in Chief

If students want to get the best price possible for their 2022 yearbook, time is running out for early bird sales.

The discounted price of $65 runs out on Oct. 29. After that, until April 30, the yearbook will go up to its regular price of $70. Finally, if students still have not ordered a book by the end of April, the price goes up to $80.

Students can also order a nameplate for their book for an additional $6 or pay to have their book shipped directly to their home for an additional $10. The Legend will be distributed in August of 2022 since it includes the entire school year through graduation and the end of all the spring sports seasons.

“I think last year we didn’t sell as many as we had in the past. I feel like a lot of kids also didn’t even know we were still making a yearbook because everything was online,” Legend Editor-in-Chief senior Anusha Singh said. 

Singh wants more people to order a yearbook this year as it will be even bigger than books from the past few years. She hopes people will realize how they have taken some moments for granted over the past couple of years, which leads Singh to believe more students will buy a yearbook as a keepsake.

“This year I’m optimistic since everyone is back. I think everyone’s going to really want one this year, so I think we’re going to sell a lot more,” she said. 

Legend Adviser Nancy Smith agrees with Singh and acknowledges the work put in by students on the yearbook staff.

“Students sometimes think they should wait until their senior year to buy a yearbook, but the staff works very hard to cover all of the major events and activities that take place that impacts all of our students. With the return of so many activities that have been missing for a while, the book is really packed with coverage this year,” Smith said.

In addition, the parents of seniors can go online to order and create a Grad Ad for their graduates to be included in the yearbook. The deadline for those purchases is Nov. 30.

Smith also believes the school yearbook is a great way to remember a student’s high school experience.

“A yearbook is an important piece of your history that you and your future generations will have to look back on as a record of each year that you were a Lancer,” Smith said. 

The link for the 2022 Legend and Grad Ads is HERE.