Freshman Advisory leads fundraiser for Nottingham CAJT High School


Vijay Viswanathan

Led by the Freshman Advisory group and volunteer Kimberly Phillips, a drive for PPE products is being held at Lafayette. The donation box can be found by the Welcome Center.

Sofia Ganev, Staff Reporter

The Junior League of St. Louis (JLSL) is searching for donations in order to help provide the students with the necessary supplies, as students are being welcomed back to campus. PPE items can be donated Feb. 8-26. A collection box is located by the LHS Welcome Center.

JLSL is a non-profit organization of women who are committed to promoting volunteerism and the community through effective action. This year, JLSL endorsed Nottingham CAJT High School.

Nottingham is a school-to-work program for students between the ages of 13 and 21 years old with developmental delays. Due to COVID-19, a large portion of the 125 students do not have enough personal protective equipment such as face coverings, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning surfaces and soap.

Kimberly Phillips is a former Rockwood kindergarten teacher, with two sons that are juniors at Lafayette High School. She is an active member of JLSL.

Due to certain health issues out of their control, a large portion of the student body of Nottingham has found themselves in a predicament, they are going through PPE like wildfire,” Phillips said.

The Freshman Advisory group of students have taken the lead in running this fundraiser at Lafayette.

Associate principal Kirti Mehrotra said, “The disposable masks are being used all day by their students and some students need multiple masks each day. As a result they have this greater need for disposable masks. Based on the CDC guidelines, the school is helping their students learn to sanitize their hands frequently to protect each other from infection. These are mitigating measures suggested by the CDC and the school is following these measures to keep their students protected and safe.”

To help the Junior League of St. Louis, money or personal protective equipment can be donated for the fundraiser. In order to donate, you must sign up using the Genius link.