Material return, distribution day set for virtual students


Juli Mejia

Material Distribution Day occured for second quarter on Oct. 24. Students filled out a COVID-19 symptom form before entering the building and stood in lines six feet apart to pick up and drop off their materials. The Material Distribution Day for online students on Jan. 15 will be held in the lower Commons.

Juli Mejia, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

To prepare for second semester to begin on Jan. 19, Lafayette has scheduled a Textbook Return and Distribution Day for students who plan on taking their courses online in the second semester. Students who are choosing to remain virtual will have Jan. 15, which is a Teacher Work Day to return items from first semester and pick up material for second semester.

The day will be split into two different shifts. Students with last names beginning with A-L will go to Lafayette from 9-11 a.m. and students with last names beginning M-Z  are scheduled from noon to 2 p.m.

All students will be required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. In addition, before entering the building, students must fill out the Health Form which is linked here: Health Form 

Associate Principal Michael Franklin said, “We continue to take all necessary steps to limit exposure on our campus, including requiring masks, constant cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing, among other precautions,” he said.

He  added, “Students will be instructed to enter through the Welcome Center, and will exit through Door 9, which is the door west of the Welcome Center. It will be the same set up as the first book distribution day at the end of [last] summer.” 

Students who are taking in-person classes second semester will receive books and other class materials from their teachers on the first day of second semester. 

“As always, we will have strict social distancing guidelines in place for all who are on campus. By allowing so much time for the distribution and by dividing the student body by alphabet, it should help with this,” Franklin said. “Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or may have come in contact with someone with symptoms, will not be allowed entry and will have to make other arrangements.”