Undefined to host last show of year, invites graduated members back to perform


Chloe Baker

Taji Israel-Cazembe, Class of 2020, and junior Surayya Cazembe discuss the unconventional shampoo that Israel-Cazembe pretended apply during a show on Nov. 30, 2018. For Undefined’s last show of this year, Israel-Cazembe will be returning with other Class of 2020 seniors to perform a senior show that they were not able to put on originally due to COVID-19.

Isabelle Grigorescu, Staff Reporter

At the end of last school year, Lafayette’s improv comedy group, Undefined, had planned their last show of the year to specifically highlight the senior members. However, due to the pandemic, that show never got to happen.

This year, Undefined is back to performing live shows and for their last show, they will honor those former seniors who never got the chance to do their last show. 

Junior captain Jake Bingham said, “We wanted to give the alumni an opportunity to sort of re-claim their senior show that they missed out on last year.”

Class of 2020 members of the group will return alongside current members for the pool party-themed show on Friday, May 21.

Senior member Treasure Lewis said, “It’s like both of our senior nights.”

New members of the group, who were chosen after the group’s recent auditions, will also be joining the group during the last portion of the show called Lightning Round.

Senior captain Kate Sommer said, “We have definitely talked about this before, but now we just finally put it into action and thankfully all the seniors can come back and participate in the show. We’re excited to have the old seniors back, that does make it a lot more special.”

The returning members appreciate their chance to perform with the group again.

“It feels great to have a senior show. A bit nostalgic and I’m also nervous that my skills have gone down over the year. I think the current group has grown through the challenges of COVID and their commitment to improv is admirable. The senior group has grown so much because we’ve all left Lafayette and have started to step into adulthood,” returning member Taji Israel-Cazembe said. “This show is different because it’s not for the audience, it’s truly for the seniors from last year. It gives us a space to leave everything on the stage for the last time. The best part was getting the laughs for me. Improv showed me that I could be funny without trying to be and that’s what I love. I love laughing and I’m so happy I could make other people laugh.”

On a typical year, the team consists of roughly 20 students, this past year the team was made up of eight members. The reason for the smaller number was a result of the graduating seniors from the previous year and COVID restrictions not allowing the team to hold auditions until recently.

“I would say that the remaining eight members of the team have become significantly closer than they would have otherwise,” Bingham said.

Sommer attributes a newfound confidence in the team to their opportunities to showcase their skills individually more frequently this year. The team also acknowledges that the energy of the team has also contributed to their ability to perform together this year despite the adjustment.

Junior captain Surayya Cazembe said, “I can be myself and I’m not getting judged for it, in this group we’re very accepting of people.”