Staff, students celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week


Makayla Archambeault

On the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3, 2021, Lafayette staff arrived to find yard signs set up around the school by Lancer Parent Organization (LPO) showing appreciation for their hard work.

Hannah Fitts, Staff Reporter

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first week of May each year. It is the week that honors teachers and recognizes the lasting contribution they make in our lives. 

Administrators have set up a luncheon for teachers on Tuesday, and a surprise for them on Thursday. 

“We have quite a few things going on this week,” Principal Karen Calcaterra said. “Still, we wanted to make sure that our teachers were recognized for all their hard work.” 

Teacher appreciation week provides an opportunity for students, their parents, and school principals to show their appreciation for the hard work teachers do and the long hours many of them put in.

Math teacher Katrina Clark has been a teacher at Lafayette for 10 years and has gotten to know many students over the years. Clark says that it’s not an easy job but connecting with the students is everything. 

“I love hearing my students’ perspectives and appreciation for all we do as teachers,” Clark said. “The handwritten notes I receive are the best, nothing beats a gift that comes from the heart!” 

Students are encouraged to make a small gesture of gratitude to their teachers this week by giving something back to their teachers. Some of these things could include: notes, gift cards, classroom supplies, or even your teacher’s favorite treat.