Last Time I… beat a record


photo courtesy of Corban Leslie

Seniors eat at Texas Roadhouse on Oct. 3. The group includes seniors Grace Boschert, Nick Boschert, Bennet Bradley, Madi Burgard, Devan Ellison, Anderson Guvvy, Austin Hammann, Oscar Labit, Corban Leslie, Duron McVean, Blake Ryle and Naomi Wipfler.

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor

On Oct. 3, senior Corban Leslie decided to call a bunch of his friends and head to Texas Roadhouse. Leslie wanted to try and beat the record for the number of rolls people have ever eaten at the restaurant.

“We had just gotten done playing paintball with some ROTC guys and on the way back, we thought this would be fun. So I said alright, let’s do it. We started with four guys and then realized we couldn’t get past 10 baskets with four guys so we decided to call in reinforcements. That’s when everyone else showed up,” Leslie said.

Trying to beat the record wasn’t just Leslie’s idea. Another one of the masterminds behind the plan was senior Duron McVean. To reach their goal, Leslie and McVean decided to specifically choose people they thought would be good for the challenge. 

“We gathered the biggest mouths around and the biggest stomach and nominated them and called them,” McVean said.

Leslie’s friend googled records for restaurants across the country. He and his crew found the Texas Roadhouse record to be one of the most interesting and knew they wanted to beat it. The record was 25 baskets of rolls, adding up to 100 total rolls. Leslie’s crew were able to pass the original record by eating a total of 26 baskets.

“The idea was to actually just go to Texas Roadhouse and eat as many as possible. We ended up asking the store manager what the record was and it was 25 baskets. So we had to beat it, which was 26. We were all in pain by the 20th basket. The 26th was kind of pushing it but we ended up going through with it,” Duron McVean said.

On the last few rolls before finishing, the crew were full and felt very sick, but were determined to achieve the record and represent Lafayette.

“It’s just the fact that it’s a big internet trend and we were all wearing Lafayette merchandise so we thought we would represent our school. We aren’t quitters,” McVean said.

Though he was happy they beat the record, Leslie was just as enthusiastic to get the chance to have a good time with his friends.

“Honestly, it wasn’t really that big of a thing. At this point, we were just having fun. It was just fun to hang out with a lot of people and have fun being stupid,” Leslie said.