Fine Arts Festival celebrates student creativity, skill in its second year


Molly Brim

The Fine Arts Festival occured this year at Lafayette April 21-22. The festival featured pieces from Art Fundamentals, Painting, Drawing and FACS classes along with music performances.

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor

Throughout April 21-22, the Lafayette Fine Arts Department held a Fine Arts Festival, which included the Guitar Festival on Friday, April 21 and the Art Show on Saturday, April 22.

Continuing from last year, this is the second year various fine art departments had showcases at the festival.

The Art Show featured pieces from Art Fundamentals, Painting, Drawing and FACS classes along with music performances for people going to State for Solo and Ensemble.

In addition to pieces made by Lafayette students, the event featured pieces from Wildwood and Rockwood Valley Middle Schools and Westridge Elementary School.

Often, artists are said to be ‘so talented.’ And they are, but more importantly, like anyone else who is good at something, they have worked hard to be that good and spent many hours developing their skills.

— Art Department Chair Lauren Sakowski

Art Department Chair Lauren Sakowski said it’s important to share art because, for her, art means connecting through feelings and experiences.

“When you examine cultures throughout history, you look at the art and music being created to get a glimpse of what people cared about and how they lived. Art takes us out of ourselves and allows us to consider another’s perspective,” Sakowski said.

With being able to show art made by students, Sakowski hopes others see the hard work that was put into the pieces.

“This festival gives us the opportunity to allow these artists, who have worked to create incredible things, to be recognized,” Sakowski said.