People of Lafayette: Scott Beaver applies for Survivor show


photo courtesy of Scott Beaver

While filming a mock interview for his Survivor audition, business teacher Scott Beaver jokingly tries out different characters. Beaver has applied for the show five times, where he has to film a video audition and send it in to the CBS Survivor casting link.

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor

For the past 23 years, business teacher Scott Beaver has been consistently watching the TV show, Survivor, with his dad.

Being so invested in the show, Beaver decided he wanted to apply for the show eight years ago. Since then, Beaver has applied five times.

On his YouTube channel, SCOTT BEAVER, he has posted a few audition tapes from over the years. Before applying, Beaver had some of his classes go through a survival activity to test him.

“The first idea I had was to incorporate several of my classes. It was kind of like, ‘if I could survive this I could survive anything,’ so I had my classes throw stuff at me and stuff like that. I just always wanted to be on,” Beaver said.

The goal of the game is to be the last one on the island and to not get voted out.

“The way the game works is you start with everyone on either two tribes or three tribes. It merges and I think I could definitely make it to the merge. From there it’s whoever has built enough relationships. I think I could maybe sneak into the top three, I don’t know, we’ll see. If you make it to the top three I think anything can happen,” Beaver said.

Even though he said his survival skills aren’t the best, he would be good at being able to build the relationships needed to survive.

“I’m trustworthy and could build relationships but I’d really like to get out of my comfort zone and just be on a random island with some strangers and see if I could survive,” Beaver said.