Out and About: Crumbl Cookies offers weekly rotating flavors


Sonya Sud

Crumbl Cookies on Clarkson Road opened in early December of 2022. The bakery has a variety of flavors available, with six different cookie flavors to try each week.

Sonya Sud, News Editor in Chief

A Crumbl Cookies location opened on Clarkson Road in December of 2022, the third of the chain in the St. Louis area. Crumbl Cookies is a bakery that primarily sells cookies and ice cream.

They have a weekly rotating menu of cookies made from 200+ flavors. They have four different specialty cookies each week along with their milk chocolate chip and pink sugar cookies. Some specialty flavors are birthday cake, blueberry crumb cake, ultimate peanut butter, neapolitan, chocolate peanut butter chip and more.

The new location has no indoor dining, meaning a person walks in, orders and leaves. There are no tables in the store, but they’re open every day from 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. and they’re closed on Sundays. Along with this, they offer curbside pickup and delivery services. 

Cookies are sold at $4.58 for a single cookie, $14.93 for a four-pack box, $22.98 for a six-pack box and $39.08 for a 12-pack party box.

Crumbl Cookies was started up in 2017 by two cousins named Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley in Logan, Utah. Though they weren’t professionals, the cousins worked to continue growing the franchise, and it soon introduced its concept of a rotating menu. The frequency and timing of Crumbl’s rotating menu evolved over the course of a year until its iconic four-flavor weekly rotation was officially established in December 2018, according to the Crumbl Cookies website.

Now, with 746 locations in America and 13 in Missouri, Crumbl Cookies is the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation according to their website.