Best Classical Book I’ve Ever Read: freshman enjoys suspenseful romance novel


photo courtesy of brianna savage

In the 8th Grade, freshman Brianna Savage read her now-favorite book, Jane Eyre. She was entertained by writing style and its larger message.

Zofia Paciorek, Reporter

As a self-proclaimed bookworm, freshman Brianna Savage has read her fair share of novels. Savage has been reading chapter books since she was six years old, and there is no classical book that she loves more than the romance book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Savage first read it in 8th Grade as a Christmas present.

“My favorite character was Jane, the main character, but a close second could be Adela, her pupil and eventual daughter,” Savage said.

She said there were parts in the book that caused so much suspense that she had to put it down for the night. For her, the most suspenseful part was when Mr. Rochester’s first wife, a mentally ill woman, showed up and caused many problems in the book. Jane Eye is a memorable book for Savage because of the deeper message she saw in it.

“It’s one of the few books that makes a woman that is self-sufficient and makes a life for herself on her own terms even if that means leaving the man she loves,” Savage said.

Savage says that the reason that this is her favorite classical book is because of the writing style and because of that she has greatly enjoyed this novel and recommends it to anyone.

“It’s a really good book and it’s one of my favorite romances, and I’m not a person who normally reads romances,” Savage said.

Savage has not read any other books by Charlotte Brontë but said that she intends to read more in the future.