Last Time I… Went To a Car Meet

Junior finds community through hobby


photo courtesy of Sam Buffa

Junior Sam Buffa stands in between two Toyota Supras at a car meet. Buffa has had an interest in cars since he was a child, which was sparked by his father’s passion in cars.

Eshwar Murali, Digital Content Editor

On Oct. 22, junior Sam Buffa went to the Cars and Cones STL Car Meet.

“All around St. Louis, the [Cars and Cones STL] Facebook Group plans car meets at ice cream places. The most recent one I went to was at Main Street Creamery. It’s a really great time. There are just all the cars you’d ever want to see. It’s really interesting because every car has a unique story, no cars are the same. It’s an incredible experience,” Buffa said.

While he does enjoy the cars, his favorite part of car shows is the community.

“You can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone and you’ll have fun talking about [cars],” Buffa said. “It’s basically just a community where everyone knows everything. So we have really interesting conversations and it’s easy to strike up a conversation with anyone.”

Buffa discovered his passion for cars from his father, who took him to his first car show when Buffa was in 1st Grade. However, he started to get interested when he started drawing them in his 3rd Grade year.

“I really got into cars in the 3rd Grade. I would draw them and create my own cars with my imagination. In middle school, I started getting interested in the engines and interworking of the car,” Buffa said.

His love of cars has led him to create a future goal for himself.

“I plan on showing one of the cars I might own in the future. I want to have a pretty cool car when I’m older, maybe even build one,” he said.