Though they are now working in education, several LHS staff members previously worked in other career fields. (Samantha Haney)
Though they are now working in education, several LHS staff members previously worked in other career fields.

Samantha Haney

Those That Can Teach

Campbell’s first job leads to patents for hygiene products

February 10, 2023

Before beginning her teaching career, science teacher Shannon Campbell worked as a research scientist for Colgate Palmolive, to help develop new products for hygienic care.
Campbell was first introduced to the company while working on her master’s at the University of Illinois.

“Every year, Colgate would come and recruit there. I interviewed with them to practice because my background, while it was in chemistry, was more agricultural-focused, but they were on campus early so I thought I’d practice,” she said.

The company insisted she come out to New Jersey to work with them and Campbell accepted the offer.

Shortly after beginning her job, she conducted research for the company’s Oral Care product development. After two years of working in this department, Campbell was moved to Colgate’s Oral Pharmaceuticals where she researched toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

“I started off doing research of the literature and what had been done before, what products were out there and what technology they use. Then I looked at ways to improve the technology. I’d look at the cause of why people have sensitive teeth and find a way to help,” she said.

The process took three years of research, formulation and studies and then another year for manufacturing.
Campbell then moved on to the Men’s Speed Stick Ultimate Antiperspirant, which followed the same process and timeline as the previous project. She went on to renovate the whole line of Speed Stick Antiperspirant.

After living and working in New Jersey for 13 years, she and her husband moved to St. Louis because Campbell’s husband lost his job at the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attack.

“I grew up in Wisconsin and my husband is from Chicago. We wanted to move back to the Midwest,” she said.

When Campbell moved to St. Louis, she began working at Steris, which manufactures cleaners. It wasn’t difficult for Campbell to catch up due to its similarity in chemistry and technology.

“I developed a product quickly but I just didn’t like it. It was a small group of people, who weren’t that good at science or research. The people I worked with at Colgate were amazing. I didn’t want to do a job that I didn’t enjoy because of the people,” she said.

This lack of passion in the work in this new place of work actually was what inspired Campbell to pursue teaching.

“The workers at Steris were all local, which made me think, ‘you know what, I should teach science.’ I decided to pursue teaching and went back to school to get my master’s in education,” she said.

Franklin scores summer job working as pro golf caddie

In the summer of 2022, Associate Principal Michael Franklin went to Las Vegas and decided to golf with some friends. Although his days spent working on the golf course as a caddie are long gone, Franklin occasionally enjoys playing the sport.

photo courtesy of Michael Franklin

In the summer of 2022, Associate Principal Michael Franklin went to Las Vegas and decided to golf with some friends. Although his days spent working on the golf course as a caddie are long gone, Franklin occasionally enjoys playing the sport.

Growing up, Associate Principal Michael Franklin was never familiar with golfing. Nonetheless, Franklin found himself working as a caddie for a golfer, an experience he said he’ll never forget.

While he was attending Rockhurst University, he met a friend who attended the neighboring University of Missouri-Kansas City.

His friend, Robert Russell, was a very talented golfer who introduced Franklin to the sport. Later on, he asked Franklin to join him for an upcoming National Golf Association tour, the NGA Hooters Tour, as his caddie.

“I didn’t know much about golf. I had been on a golf course before, but I thought the job sounded fun because you got to travel all over the country and spend the weekend in different towns,” Franklin said.

Franklin traveled mostly across the southeast to states including Florida, Texas, South and North Carolina, Arkansas and Alabama. One state particularly stuck out to Franklin.

“North Carolina was by far my favorite. The scenery was beautiful and it had a lot of golf history which was very cool,” he said.

After three months of being a caddie, although he very much enjoyed the opportunity to travel, he decided to start working in his career field.

Nonetheless, Franklin still has a love for golf.

“I actually fell in love with golf when I was out there and I even still play because of that,” he said.

Jaeger brings professional job experience to her classroom


photo courtesy of Olivia Jaeger

While in the back room, art teacher Olivia Jaeger captures a picture of the workspace for the store artists. The space is full of a variety of art supplies, boards for the art and tags for items.

When searching for a job during college, art teacher Olivia Jaeger stumbled upon the opportunity to work at Trader Joe’s. But her first plan was not to become the store’s artist.

Trader Joe’s had always been a prominent fixture in Jaeger’s day-to-day life as it was a favorite spot of hers to shop, so her decision to apply for a job there wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“I’ve always had a weird obsession with Trader Joe’s, so it seemed like the obvious first choice to apply to when I moved home at the start of COVID-19. I didn’t even know every store had their own artist, but when I asked to apply as a regular employee, the manager mentioned that role and that I might be a good fit for it,” she said.

After deciding to apply for the position of store artist, Jaeger went through a series of interviews which included having to show portfolios of work she had done previously.

After she received the job, she quickly began working at the store and became its main artist.

Jaeger’s job consisted of making signs about items around the store and creating special art for any upcoming events or holidays.

“Every individual item in the store has its own sign and then a little descriptor on it of what the product is or what you can use it with and then there is also chalkboards all around for different holidays. I would design and make those types of things,” she said.

During the pandemic, Jaeger said she especially enjoyed creating chalk art that welcomed customers and other people who passed by the area.

“We would decorate the sidewalks all of the time which I really liked to do,” she said.

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