Take It From Me: New study hall monitor recommends school involvement


Juli Mejia

In the 5th hour study hall, monitor Jill Wipke fills out the attendance. Wipke first started working at the start of second semester in 2023, replacing the previous monitor Dale Walker.

Molly Brim, Administrative Editor

Before she became the Study Hall monitor, Class of ’18 member Jill Wipke took part in activities like the National Honor Society, field hockey and soccer.

“My favorite memories and highlights from high school were playing sports with some of my best friends, one person being Ms. [Meghan] Conroy. I was able to make some great connections with people and get involved in my school,” Wipke said.

While she enjoyed the memories, Wipke said she didn’t like the pressure that came along with extracurriculars and schoolwork.

“I did not like how stressful the high school experience can be sometimes with the amount of commitments and responsibilities one can have, but being involved and learning how to handle stress and those responsibilities is important,” she said.

Still, Wipke doesn’t want to discourage student involvement.

“My advice to future high school students would be to get involved in school activities, clubs, sports, especially in the fall semester because it will help you meet people who have the same interests as yourself. Being involved will help you feel more comfortable in the new high school environment,” Wipke said.

For current high school students, Wipke hopes that students enjoy the experience before it’s too late.

“My advice to current high school students is to enjoy high school. It is easy to get caught in the stress that high school can bring, but enjoy the time you get to spend with your friends and continue to be involved in your school,” Wipke said. “High school really does go by fast, even though at the moment it might not seem like it, so embrace the time you have at Lafayette and make it the best you can.”

With multiple activities offered at school, Wipke said the best way to balance all activities is to have a game plan.

“Try to keep yourself organized and plan ahead of time. Having some type of planner can be really helpful to see everything you have to do that week, so you can stay organized. I also advise students to ask for help if they are struggling to balance everything because your teachers and coaches want you to be successful and will help you work through a challenging schedule and workload,” Wipke said.