Out and About: Painted Tree provides ultimate one-stop shop

Local boutiques, entrepreneurs showcase talent in varied stalls


Caroline Black

The Painted Tree is located in Ellisville and is just 15 minutes from Lafayette. It is home to hundreds of local vendors that supply jewelry, clothes, home decor and more.

Caroline Black, Staff Reporter

For those looking for a fun and unique place to shop for gifts, home décor, clothes or anything in between, Painted Tree is the perfect place. With a variety of local vendors all in one department store, there’s endless possibility when it comes to what can be found. It’s one of the easiest ways to shop locally in just one place.

Walking into the store for the first time, can be almost overwhelming. The size is similar to a department or large hardware store which makes it seem impossible to get in and out quickly. And with different products and unique treasures around every corner, it’s easy to get lost in and lose track of time. 

Although Painted Tree has “boutiques” that may come across as appealing only to girls, don’t be discouraged. Painted Tree has something for absolutely everyone. There are sports pictures and signs, homemade candles, paintings, crazy socks, posters, mugs, blankets and crystals just to name a few. Shoppers in every age range and interest can find something here. 

With the large space, there is an organizational system in place that makes it easier for shoppers. The store is organized into rows, each with an alphabetized name such as “Aspen Avenue” and “Cedar Cove”. Each row has around a dozen vendors with their own square shaped inlet that has a number and letter such as “B4” that increases in order.

What makes Painted Tree so special isn’t just the endless variety of items, it’s the opportunity this location gives to hundreds of entrepreneurs. Allowing people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams is what fuels the business’ success. As stated on their website, “at Painted Tree, it’s a team effort. We share resources and win together.” It’s not uncommon to see a local entrepreneur setting up shop or replacing items in their booth when visiting other local vendors.

Inside each inlet is a little piece of what each entrepreneur’s shop would look like. They all put their own touch on the space by adding a fun paint color, decorating it with florals and string lights or adding a theme to match their product. Each area looks different from the next, highlighting the freedom the individual entrepreneurs have to make the space their own.  It’s so much fun going from space to space and seeing each unique theme. 

Painted Tree has a little under 30 locations scattered throughout the country with one of them being located just 15 minutes from Lafayette. The boutique is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be found at 14850 Manchester Road, Ballwin, Missouri 63011.