Five Questions with Corban Leslie


Devan Ellison

Senior Corban Leslie plays trombone after marching band rehearsal. Leslie has been playing trombone since seventh grade. In addition to the trombone, he plays five other instruments.

Devan Ellison, Staff Reporter

Senior Corban Leslie is a member of numerous music groups throughout Lafayette High School. He is a member of the Lafayette Lancer Regiment, where he plays the sousaphone. He plays the euphonium in 6th Hour Symphonic band and the trombone in 7th Hour Wind Ensemble. Leslie also sings in the Concert Chorale group. He plans on taking Guitar 2 next semester.

Who inspired you to play music?

My older brother. He played euphonium all through middle school and high school. And trombone in the jazz band. He is a phenomenal player. He’s a great player, and now he’s with the Kansas Army National Guard Unit on euphonium. He’s going to UMKC to major in music performance on euphonium. 

What is your favorite instrument to play?

Euphonium. It sounds the prettiest.

When did you learn your first instrument?

I guess it was like second or third grade. Recorder, and then it was violin in third grade. I chose to do that instead of the tech classes. And then I moved to cello in fourth grade, stand up bass in fifth grade and then I went to euphonium in sixth grade for about a semester. And then switched over to tuba after that. And I stuck with that until about halfway through seventh grade, and then I picked up a trombone.

Where is your favorite place to play music?

I did a solo, one year. I think it was the year I went with trombone, tuba, and euphonium. It was like a tiny little stage, but that room probably had the best acoustics I ever heard, and it just made everything sound so pretty for that solo.

How many instruments do you play?

Six or seven-ish. I play tuba, trombone, euphonium, trumpet, guitar, and bass trombone.