Retiring custodian reflects on memories, friendships from 30-year career


Jack Daws

Custodian Glenda Trumble works in the commons on Thursday, May 27. After 30 years at Lafayette, Trumble will retire on June 1.

Cece Beckmann, Co-News Editor

After 30 years at Lafayette, Custodian Glenda Trumble has decided it’s time for something new. 

“I remember my first day of training. I spent the day learning how to clean and sweep and I truly enjoyed myself,” Trumble signed. “I didn’t know that I would spend as much time here as I have. But I have had a wonderful experience.”

Throughout her time at Lafayette, Trumble has gotten the chance to meet hundreds of students and staff members, but her closest bond is one that she formed with a certain teacher. 

“I would have to say my favorite memory I made here was meeting Sarah [Keathley]. She was my first friend here, and we get the chance to talk often,” Trumble signed.

Trumble, who is deaf, formed a strong friendship with the American Sign Language teacher, as she was one of the only people at school who could communicate with her.

“We have been friends ever since and it worked out that we are actually retiring together,” Trumble signed.

After spending so many years here, Trumble has some plans for the future. 

“I plan on visiting my daughter, and helping her clean up her house. I haven’t gotten to see her much and I’m excited to spend the summer with her,” Trumble signed. 

With her son living in Germany, it’s been a long time since they have seen each other.

“I haven’t seen him in years since he lives so far away. I plan to visit him as soon as it becomes safe to,” she signed.

Since there is a language barrier between her and a lot of the students that attend the school, she has found the sign language class to be important to her. 

“I have been able to have small conversations with students over the years because they can take what they learn in class and then we can talk to each other,” Trumble signed. 

When it comes time for her to retire on June 1, she is not sure what she will do next. 

Trumble signed, “I am not sure what I will do after I leave. I could travel if I want, or take up a new hobby. But I do not have many other plans.”